Sunday, March 23, 2008


Mabel Lou, aka Killer of Kitties, aka Fighter of Coons, aka Chaser of Lizards, Squirrels and Deer, aka Dominant Alpha Dog, aka Queen of her Universe, aka The Bad Ass of [my street], still, at six years old, will submissively pee on the feet of humans that she likes. Thank God she's been outdone!

Yesterday, it seemed everyone and their mother was in the creek. It was a convention! Upon arriving at dusk, we immediately ran into a rottie and a mutt we sort of know. Then ran into another rottie we adore, Allie and her mom. As the four of us took off on one trail, trying to avoid a man and his small kids and two labs in the creek (and more importantly avoiding a canine disagreement over whose ball is who's!), we found our Rhodesian pack and their mom and a few more canine / humans we know. As everyone greeted everyone else, poor Hank suddenly became worried that some of those other pups might try to take his mom. And so he went over to her and... marked his territory! Yep, he peed all over BOTH of her pant legs.


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Becky said...

That is hilarious! We know how Miss Mabel greets Curt. I wonder if she will do it the next time we see you. I think the next time we are in the States, we should stop at your place for a few days. What do you think? Hey, how's you mom? I need to call you!

Anonymous said...

Spot hasn't ever done that, I wonder if it means he doesn't care if someone else wants me for their mom?

That brings back a memory, back in the early '70s, 4 guys lived in the house next door, and one had a German shepherd named Wolf. He was going out on a date, got all dressed up, and Wolf peed on his legs before he got in his car. It was hilarious, but not for him. ;-)

Linda@VS said...

Hahahaha! That would make a great movie scene, Holly.

I remember a few years back when a friend told me about standing outside with her husband and a neighbor. She said her husband kept pointing at her legs but wasn't saying a word. She had no idea what he was pointing at until the neighbor's dog began to pee on her. She was quite annoyed that her husband hadn't spoken his warning out loud.

Annie said...

Hah, she's his!

I was in a creek today too but didn't get peed on.