Monday, March 17, 2008

Doin' the Math

I was laughing on the phone with a former Executive Producer friend yesterday and somehow the topic turned to New York's deposed governor Spitzer. The single bit of the story that was strange to both of us was the fact that he spent $80,000 in eleven years on call girls. Neither of us think that's a significant number. Why? Well, let's do the math...

Assuming Mr. Spitzer was a terrible tipper which (we know he wasn't) and the average encounter cost him exactly one grand. That's 80 encounters. In eleven years. That would be roughly 7.27 encounters per YEAR. Even if the 80 grand were spent in fewer years as some reports indicate...let's say two years. That's roughly three trysts per month.

But when you take into account the recent rendezvous, for which he paid $4300, if that number is averaged into the 80,000, that's roughly 18 encounters. Using the lesser length of time, that's still not even once a month.

As one anthropologist, brought onto it's-morning-so-we-don't-have-to-think-t.v.-news to speak as to why men cheat, stated (paraphrased): Mr. Spitzer has a thick brow line and high powerful cheekbones signaling lots of testosterone. Men like that need a lot more sex.

Apparently, not even once a month more.


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Anonymous said...

You know, I never thought to figure out how many "visits" $80,000 amounted to. Thanks for breaking it down so I didn't have to whip out my calculator!

In public life, it only takes once. He might even have been under fire if he'd only done it once. I'll never understand why men in positions of power shoot themselves in the foot like this.

Annie said...

You know, if he'd just gone to a local woman for $60 or so he'd probably have gotten the same attention a lot more often. Considering his high cheekbones and thick brow line, you know.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Of course... he IS a TOTAL hypocrite! And using tax payer dollars... well, I think he should be strung up by his b@!!s.

I'm just taking issue with the big deal people are making over the money. It's as if they're saying he had sex 80,000 times!

Annie, I come from LA LA land where powerful men try (and do) get it for free because there is the illusion they will do something in return for the women...which they NEVER do. And these men are far more successful at it than three times a month!

Linda@VS said...

Good math there, Holly. I bet Spitzer is thinking right now that it wasn't worth it at any price.