Friday, February 29, 2008

Making Plans

I get so angry every November with my good friend Kat. She simply hates her birthday and refuses to let anyone celebrate her day. I've tried to tell her the her birthday is not about her. It's about allowing those of us to love her to celebrate her life.

And this week, she pointed out what a hypocrite I am. Kat had talked me into playing hooky from working on taxes to help her shop for a sofa. When we stopped for a bite to eat, the subject of my imminent birthday came up.

And my friend totally called me on my yearly birthday disappearance. My typical birthday consists of rising early, phoning my mom and sister (so they won't worry or get mad), a trip to the creek with Mabel and then I simply disappear. I spend the day doing what ever I please but, more importantly, I avoid everyone else in my life. Even my young godson is aware of this and often calls me the day before my birthday.

So, over our soup and salad, I asked Kat why she hated her birthday. Her reasons are her own and I will keep them private. But I told her my reasons which I've already written about here.

In addition, it is somewhat about getting older - I remember being all melancholy on my 10th because I would never be a single digit again! And this is the only week you can guarantee I'm coloring my hair and giving myself facials and religiously moisturizing. I'm normally not vain at all but my looks seem to just bug me more this week.

As I got older, it just seemed embarrassing to have someone make a fuss over my birthday. And then there is the Boyfriend Rule #1 which states that, if by some miracle I have a boyfriend, he will break up with me right before Christmas and we'll make up shortly after my birthday. Nope, not once in (almost) 44 years have I had a boyfriend for Christmas, Valentine's or my birthday.

But it's really all those childhood scars that just make me want to disappear. Last year, I didn't....couldn't. My sister was here and I spent a blissful day with her and the best friend and her sister. And, in spite of my annual sudden search for physical beauty, I'm actually looking forward to this birthday. It doesn't feel like some tragedy is impending around every corner.

And yet, I'm still going to disappear. The best friend B is taking me to Vegas on a working vacation. She's adding a clothing line to her golf business and wants my input. In over 22 years of friendship, we've never gone away just the two of us.

We're not the kind of girls who will need to "leave anything in Vegas." But we will have a lot of laughter, some good meals and do a little shopping.

I think it's going to be a fun weekend and maybe I won't feel too much older when we get back on Tuesday.

And for those of you wondering, the Princess has a spend the night babysitter who will be sleeping beside her in my bed. Funny, it's my birthday and she gets pampered!


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Annie said...

So when you get back on Tuesday (is that your birthday?), you'll be able to celebrate by going off on your own (with Mabel), maybe shout Hallelujah, maybe color your hair, you honorable Holly, you. Happy Birthday and have a fine time in Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Holly! I hope you have a good time this year, it sounds like birthdays were a great big dud for you in years past.

Becky said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Holly! I'll still always be older than you.

Linda@VS said...

Happy birthday, Holly! I hope this was a good one and you enjoyed your trip to Vegas.

I remember feeling old when I was your age, too, but that feeling passed quickly. Since then, I've appreciated being older because it's just SO nice to finally have my head together.

Now, make a wish and blow out your candles!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, It was Monday and just fine. It was good to have busy work and not get fussed over too much.

Janet, Yes, they were.

Becky, Yes, You will!

Velvet, You mean I may actually get my head together? There's hope for that??? Wow! That's the best bit of wisdom EVER!