Friday, February 15, 2008

My Thirteen Cents Worth

Janet's post about irritation at banks and life have me thinking about my own fangs.

I have a new approach to dealing with ShittiBank - the problem was first written about here.

Basically, they started charging me a $10 "no service" fee for paying my loan on my condo direct debit on the 10th. I've paid said loan exactly this way for 20 years! And I guess I wouldn't take issue with them except you can still walk into the bank until the 16th and pay the loan and not incur any "no service" fees. If they are going to change one rule, they need to change the other!

I have successfully avoided the "no service" fee by simply walking into the bank closest to my home, you guessed it, a ShittiBank.

At first, I simply took pleasure knowing that:
a) they were getting their money a full five days later
b) it cost them more money to process a paper check
c) it would be a couple more days before that money left my bank account.

Only now, that's not enough. I've created more ways to make them getting their money out of my hide even more costly.

Now, in addition to paying on the 15th, I pay part of the loan - say $40 - in cash. The teller has to take longer to process both cash and my check. And, my loan amount ends in 87 cents so, I round up to next dollar. A whopping 13 cents. Which has to be applied to my principal. Which the teller never knows how to do. She has to call over a manager. It takes a few minutes but I really have fun watching them figure out what to do with my 13 cents. And because I paid a tiny bit down on the principal, they make a penny or two less in interest the next month.

This may seem minute to you or even the bank, but honestly, I have more time than money and I really enjoy watching the tellers work for it!

And in the end, I pray I'm costing ShittiBank around ten bucks a month.

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Anonymous said...

LOL!! oh, Holly, you devil! I bet they cringe when you come in the doors!

Duly Inspired said...

I second OrdinaryJanet's comments. I do feel bad for the tellers though -- they're not the corporate brass who make those decisions -- but then again, the bank is paying them no matter what they do...

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, so far, I don't think they cringe on my way in but they usually laugh when I leave!

Alison, I ALMOST feel bad for them but, I'm not rude to them and use a very friendly tone of voice and give them a big old smile. But after six months of this, neither of the two tellers can add that 13 cents without help from the supervisor... For that, I cannot feel sorry for them.

Annie said...

Hey, I just learned the other day that when you get junk mail with postage paid return envelopes, you should put all your other junk mail in the envelope and send it back on their dime. Since you have more time than money, I thought you might like to add this little trick to your repertoire.