Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shake Shake Shake

I've received several emails and one comment about my breakfast shake from this post, so I thought I would write about it.

The Recipe

1 Scoop MRM's Whey Pumped Protein Powder
About 1 tsp. Cinnamon 1
1 tsp. Vanilla 2
1 cup skim milk 3
Handful of fruit 4

Add milk and protein powder to blender and mix for a few seconds. Add other ingredients and blend well. Enjoy!

Why It Works for Me...

A few months ago, I started feeling dizzy after eating. As diabetes runs rampant in both sides of my family and I'm overweight thanks to my foot issues, I was worried. I got a blood test... I'm fine. But why the dizziness?

I called my good friend Libi who works at a wellness center in Reno. Libi is one of the most knowledgeable people on health I've ever met. She told me that women have issues processing carbs as we age and that I needed to get some protein with every meal. It is crucial to to set your sugar point at breakfast. And most of us eat something way too sweet first thing in the morning. This shake is a good way to get in some protein and fill up in a healthy way and it tastes good too.

A few weeks after this, I saw a female doctor on Oprah... she said the identical things about carbs and not eating sweets in the morning. Here's a link to that part of the show.

Libi also emailed a diet. Surprisingly, it was easy to follow. The shake helped cut all my sugar cravings. I found I didn't think about sweets. I lost 11 lbs. in one week BUT... it took three more weeks for me to lose another pound. In all, I'm down 15 lbs... would be more but my trip to Louisiana got me out of my lunch and dinner routine.

The Commercial

More info on the product.

What Libi has to say: It has a full amino acid profile meaning that after workouts, there is full muscle recovery.

Non-GMO and SUPER LOW CARBS! LACTOSE AND CASEIN FREE!!!! (Which means people who are normally lactose intolerant or have a problem digesting milk proteins can use the product [when mixed with water instead of milk!])

Libi and Dr. John Burton are offering my readers 15% off the product which makes it $26.00 if they get it through Burtons!! It is not on their website; you have to call them. For those of you who don't mail order, it should be available in better health food stores.

Libi also has chocolate flavor.

The Footnotes...

1. Cinnamon is believed to help control blood sugar.
2. I use vanilla bean paste when I travel...more expensive; less messy. Makes the shake sweeter without adding carbs.
3. I find the milk fills me up longer. If you are lactose intolerant, use water...the shake tastes fine that way.
4. I love using frozen fruit in summer to make it thick and icy; extra ice too. But apples are great too and lots of fiber. Avoid pineapple & mango...too much sugar. Different fruit changes the flavor and keeps it interesting. Buy fruit frozen without sugar.

I really feel like a new person since starting this and at least I know I've done one good thing for myself every day.

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Anonymous said...

I'll look for it next time I go to the mall, they have a GNC. I don't think that qualifies as a "better health food store", though. Having less sugar in the morning might help my energy levels the rest of the day.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, They're not...

I would try a Whole Foods or Wild Oats or a local (i.e. not a chain for the masses) health food store.

I find that the chains just sell crap, not what's necessarily good for you.

Annie said...

It seems to work for me to have a little (emphasize little) protein with each meal. As for drinks, I've become quite partial to Kefir lately.