Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh? Oh...

While hiking with the Rhodesian buddies yesterday, their mom told me that Mabel has taught Sue how much fun it is to sneak under the fence and into the kitty's yard - the one I wrote about here.

She went on to tell me that whenever she encounters a stranger at the creek and the Rhodies go running toward them, instead of her usual mantra - "They're just friendly, large puppies!!" - She now says, "We're friends of Mabel's!"

To which said stranger typically replies with two words. The same words with much different meanings. The first is high pitched on the end, a question. The second is much deeper implying recognition. They are, "Oh??? Oh..."

Now just what does that say about my dog??


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Anonymous said...

She's famous! Doesn't matter if it's for a good or bad reason!

Annie said...

Good dog? I bet that's what it says.