Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Post Mortum

This is the face of a murderer!

Today, I'm still shocked over my little murderer but she's been SO sweet and downright loving.

I just hate that this has happened. I keep hoping Mabel will have a kitty encounter that will freak her out. Like when the Rhodies' mom was walking her old dog and a big mean kitty just attacked him. My own Maggie May had a similar experience with a cat behind my old house. She cornered it behind the a/c unit. I tried to get her to budge... she wouldn't. As I pondered which hose was the closest, Mags pawed the cat. The cat tore into Maggie! From then on, she was interested in cats but, from a distance. I want Mabel to have an experience like that.

But no... her negative behavior keeps hitting the payoff button for her.

This is her fifth kitty encounter since this summer. All have only served to reinforce her prey drive. The first I mentioned in the previous post... she had the kittens stranded on top of someone's trellis and was on top of their grill, leaping in the air. Then she had a run in with a cat at Melvin's house near the creek. It was a Mexican standoff on their porch with the cat inside the sliding door. We cleared their porch of furniture. Next, she treed that same cat.

Right before my trip to Baton Rouge, Mabel and the Rhodesian's took off on us the minute they got out of the cars at the creek. This isn't usually a big deal. They run down the block to see Chalo, their pit bull friend. As soon as they realize he can't come play, they run back to us and off we go. But this time, they ran into a yard near where we park and managed to scare the dickens out of some poor cat. The only reason it got away was it jumped through a wrought iron fence and the dogs would have had to go all the way around the house to begin chasing it.

And now this...After all this reinforcement of her "fearless pack leader" status, I'm terrified of what's next.

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Becky said...

Mabel! Tell mama you can't help being a dog and that you are a dog. You were just reacting to instincts. I wish you were here Mabel, I would feel a lot safer at night with you by my side. I love you Mabel!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

WOOOOF! Er woof woof!! WOOF, WOOF, woof woof woof!! Er woof woof woof woof woof woof wo-wo woof wo-woof woof! Slurp, Woof

{BECKY! I miss you!! PLEASE, PLEASE come see me!! And bring that nice man who rolls on the floor and pets me! Kisses, Mabel}

Anonymous said...

Maybe the local cats will steer clear of your yard. I dunno, maybe to Mabel, cats are moving toys that are supposed to be chased. If I were you, I'd talk to a vet and see what he/she has to say about it. Plus, if Mabel punctured that kitten, it might be a good idea to have her tested for rabies, if it was a stray, you don't know what it had.

Annie said...

Mabel is quick, isn't she. I guess you could always get a muzzle for her but how would you know when a cat would come prowling?

Adam said...

I'm never critical or judgmental in any comment I leave on a blog, BUT...Speaking as a dog person, and a Jeep person, we need to talk. Dogs are a wonderful blessing and a huge responsibility/liability. It is cats today, but what about tomorrow? You would not be able to live with yourself if a human was involved in a scuffle. Take charge...all the time (even when she is being lovable.) You are the boss.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Mabel's vaccines are up to date...no worries. I do hope there is a "stay away" scent.

Annie, I really don't see the point of muzzling her in her own yard. At the creek, I no longer hike near houses. It's just getting in and out of the car and I'm leashing her there.

Adam, Welcome. Mabel loves people. To be a rescue who was returned so many times, she still expects everyone to love her. Also, she really doesn't see that many people. I work at home and we hike in very desolate area. I'm often the only person she sees for weeks on end.

We live in a semi-rural area. Coons and possums invade my yard at night and Mabel has always felt a bit territorial. I never cared about that but the fact that it was a kitten...

She has lots of doggie friends and there is no aggression there. I really think it was a territorial thing.