Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Product Review: Dr. Tims Natural Beef Liver

Hello there good peeps and pups of Blogville! Macy Blue here! Time for another review! We were surprised when Chewy.com sent us more of  Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver! I reviewed it before (loved them!)...didn't I do a good enough job?? But Momma says we can still make it fun and interesting... with OTTO ROTTO!

Otto Rotto was the first pack member I met  and I love him mostest of all!! Even though he's our biggest pack member and Momma says he's more than capable of standing up for himself, I feel I have to protect him when the other girls in the harem pick on him!  So we had some of Dr. Tim's after a "Jungle Cruise" hike!

Ok Otto, you ready???

Ready and waiting MB! Auntie's kinda slow with the packaging!

OMG! That was GREEAAT!!! Com'on Mom! Gimme another!!!

SLOW DOWN big guy! My mom's gotta take pictures for Chewy and she's not too good at it!

But they are soooo tasty Macy Blue!! I mean ...Yummers!!!!!

They are pretty tasty! Mom used these when we were going to human school so she could learn how to communicate with me!

Well, I would do anything for more of these!!!

More Auntie! MORE!!!

Mom was so silly...she didn't even take a picture of us together! But she did forget and put that box of Dr. Tim's Beef Liver on the ground.... Let me just hold it for you Momma...

Darn... she's fast when she needs to be! Momma wants me to remind you of the gredients...she says your humans are awful concerned of that stuff  so...direct from the Chewy website:

Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver contains 100% Freeze Dried USDA inspected beef!
Ok pups and peeps... excuse me but I gotta hoover!

 Macy Blue gives Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver  four paws up and I give it two thumbs for quality, likeability and ease of use in training!

Neither Creekhiker nor Macy Blue were compensated for this review. Mr Chewy sent one box of Dr. Tim's Natural Beef Liver for Macy Blue to devour... or not.


rottrover said...

I, Otto, endorse Dr. Tim's beef liver thingys! Thanks for sharing, MB!!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Hey, Otto - that tongue speaks volumes - we have had these tasty beef treats, and now we are sure we need to get some more of these treats. We forgot how much we loved them. All of Dr. Tim's treats are really really good.

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

easyweimaraner said...

wow that tongue says 87 paws on the tongue-o-meter, right? thanks for a tasty review!!!
easy rider

KB said...

Wowzers!! Those sound like some awesome treats!