Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nuttin Much and Everything Bittids

I haven't been posting much. Nothing is really wrong but everything sorta is... So I'm posting a Bittids to hopefully make me snap out of it!

The reasons I'm not blogging:

  • Some of my commenters are SO prolific! When I take a few days off and I go to your blogs, I'm overwhelmed.  I want to be polite and comment on the blogs that are written by the folks that comment here, but some of you blog every day. And some of you are long winded...adding to my sense of being behind.
  •  My Iphone screwed up my pictures. For some reason, it started renumbering photos shortly after I got Macy and places new ones in random spots in the folder. So I have to scroll through tons of Mabel pictures to get to Macy ones and then Macy's pics are scattered randomly here and there. It's all very confusing! And I should just take Mabel's pics out of my phone. But I'm not ready for that it's too soon I just can't won't... But it makes looking for pics of the little black dog really hard. sigh....
  •  I've been making A LOT of beads! I had the stupid idea that with school starting last week, I would have a paying job. With sales on Facebook being good, I had the urge to build up my inventory for when I was working. It's been a week and... when do teachers EVER miss the first week of school? Month of school???  So I'm still making beads as it's my only source of income and the coffers are getting low without sub work!
  • Training Macy is time consuming - I would really like to get her a Canine Good Citizen and we work on something every single day. And go to class once a week.  She has rattlesnake training next weekend. I'm so afraid for her...she's so tender hearted. But her interest in reptilian things tells me it must be done! 
  • It's been a terribly sad year for our pack -  This year has SUCKED dog - wise / pack - wise! I was talking with my hiking buddy the other night and tallying up the dogs we've lost this year and well, it feels like everyone we know has lost someone!  From our immediate pack: Mabel, her buddy Hank and now our friend Chloe has bone cancer. Extended pack: Twinkie, her sister Linguini and two more goldens we sometimes hiked with: Millie and Max. That's a lot of dogs and a lot of loss. I feel like I've been beat up and the licks keep on coming.
  • No hikes = unexciting non-adventures - I'm not really going to the creek. Macy is only in the beginning stages of being off leash ready and between her lack of rattlesnake training, no water in the creek and, well, our pack is never's lonely out there! Funny, but I used to go there because I saw no one. Now, I hate to go there and see no one! And neighborhood walkies, while good for training, are pretty boring. I could tell you about my Alzheimer's neighbor who asks me the same questions every time I see her, or the lesbian dog walking team...but you probably have the same in your neighborhood. 
And that's all that's going on in our little world.


rottrover said...

Oh Macy Blue, you are so DARNED cute!! OK. We'll go on a jungle cruise hike this week and Bart and Ruby still want to come over to swim...That should be fun, right?!?

your pal,


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

What the heck did the iPhone do to your photos? There must be a setting or something to fix that.

We did not know about Linguini - how very sad for them and for all who have lost their beloved pets.

We will cross our paws for your subbing - Mom says you just never know when that call will come in. Hope it is soon.

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Ruby said...

Macy gurl, you tell your Moms that Mom's photo folders look exactly the same!!! OMD, she SAYS she's gonna organize them, butts she is a lazy arse and would rather read bloggies and window shop at Amazon than do it!
Ma goes through the same Bloggie Blahs. You knows what she does? Just tell yourself you're gonna post on Sundays and Wednesdays, then soon you'll get the grove back. Ma went through a couple of months where she just wasn't feelin' it, and that's what she did. Doing. Whatevers.
Just lookie at my postings..yeah.
Anyhu, So sorry abouts you havin' the Blues. At least you guys HAVE a pack..I just got Ma, and let me tell ya...SHE'S BORING!!!! Nuff said.
Okays, you guys stop by, puts your paws up, and have a few margaritas!!! ☺
Ruby ♥

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your certificate, Macy! I agree with you, it's not really a good year for dogs, we saw some people of our neighborhood walking alone now... that's so sad...

Millie and Walter said...

I know what you mean by the prolific nature of some bloggers. I just try to comment on a few of their posts and don't try to comment every day (but I try to read all of least skim). I would love to know their secret to writing, reading and commenting on so many blogs and still have a real life.

That sure is weird about your phone. I hope you get it sorted soon. Congrats to you and Macy for completing your first level of obedience.

We will keep our fingers and paws crossed that sub jobs come your way soon.



The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

Please, please, please don't feel obligated to comment on all our posts! Although we love hearing from you....we TOTALLY understand how time consuming both blogging and keeping up to date with everyone else's blog is!! I would much rather hear how Macy is doing!!

Pat Wahler said...

Take the pressure off yourself on blogging. I used to force myself to blog several times a week, but soon wondered why. Now I usually only post about once a week and visit blogs as I can. I'm pretty sure the world keeps on revolving even on the days when I'm not hanging out in the Blogmosphere. Plus I actually get a few other things accomplished!

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