Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Product Review: Pure Vita Freeze Dried Treats

Hi, I'm Macy. AT least that's what the lady calls me. She told me we had to do a product review...I'm not too certain what that is.

But she said it was from Chewy.com and I KNOW that's the magical place that my training treats come from...so that must be good, right?

Oh I get it... nom nom nom... Ok! This is fun!

And YUMMY! What's that?? I'm supposed to tell them about the yummies?? Geesh! Can't you see I'm busy???

 Ok Ok... I was asked to review Pure Vita Freeze Dried Dog Treats. Chewy sent me the Sweet Potato and the Chicken and Sweet Potato.  And I loved them BOTH!

My lady person says she likes it when they have good ingredients in them...just simple foodables and these do. The chicken version has : Freeze-Dried Chicken Giblets, Freeze-Dried Sweet Potato. Pretty simple.

It's good when the human peeps are happy right? Hey Lady??? How 'bout some more?? 'scuse me...

Gosh those Pure Vita Freeze Dried Treats are so pawsome... they can leave a pup begging for more and more! Hey Lady?? Just how cute do I have to be??


Oh that's what I'm talkin about! Nommy Nom!!

Wait? What? We're done?? What do you mean 'we're done?' There's still nommies in those bags?  We'll have wait and see if Chewy asks us to do another review??? Oh man! PLEASE OH PLEASEEEEE! I hope I did a good job!!

Chewy.com provided no compensation for this review, only 2 bags of Pure Vita Dog Treats for Macy to eat or not.


Anonymous said...

I can see it in your eyes that this treats are suuuuuper tasty, Macy! I think the Lady should give you one of this tasty treats... or two... or 87!

rottrover said...

Hey Macy! Thank you for sharing your sweet potato treats with me. They were almost as awesome as you!!


Millie and Walter said...

Macy you did an excellent review. Those treats look delish! Sounds like Otto may have a crush on you.

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

You are a great reviewer - those treats look so good!

K9friend said...

Excellent review, Macy. These look like treats my Indy would love.

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