Saturday, May 17, 2014

Her Life in Pictures: Three

Our third year started just as busy as our second one ended! No sooner had my mother and sister left, when my childhood best friend, her husband and their three children came to visit for a month! They were barely in the door when Mabel Lou decided their youngest, Tony, was her new BFF.

Every night as the kids got into their bed, Mabel would try to stay with them. But their mom and I both thought it was not a good idea. I truly figured Mabel would want more room after a bit and come to my room, waking me up. The kids mom knew they had a busy schedule to keep.

But on their last night here, we allowed the happy foursome to spend the night together. I don't know who was happier: the kids or Miss Lou!

While this pic is more photogenic:
I prefer this one... Such glee!

In 2010, Tony got his first dog of his own. He named her Mabel Lou!

Little did I know my girl just loved to go sleep with any guest we had! Check out how I discovered her when I went to wake my Godson for school one morning. They slept like that!

My little stamp business was busy and when I wasn't doing that, I managed to find free lance writing work or I was on the computer tweaking websites and emailing customers. It was around this time that Mabel learned to hook her paw in the arm of my chair and spin me around when she thought I was "done." When that failed, she would curl up in her office bed and look pitiful:

She loved me working in the shop because I could talk to her and sing to her. She loved being where she could be both outside and yet see me. But heaven help me if I opened the car door! I would often miss her and then find her here:

She never wanted to miss a ride anywhere! 

Mabel and Sarah were still hiking buds. Mabel had calmed a little bit by now and I think Sarah actually enjoyed her company from time to time. 

Our creek was forever changed that spring by a raging flood. The Volkswagon Boulder was gone and so was the rock levy... we could now hike right beside the creek! That flood was one of our greatest blessings!It allowed the river to flow for three years and six months without drying up... Making Mabel Lou the happiest dog on earth!


Millie and Walter said...

How sweet of Tony to name his first dog after his first love.

Thanks for sharing another wonderful trip down memory lane.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We love Mabel's smile in the first pic with the kids, but the second one is really great!!!

Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

Ruby said...

I LOVED these pics!! Angel Mabel Lou seemed to just LOVES them!!
Sweet gurl!
Ruby ♥

Linda@VS said...

Precious memories!

Mollie said...

It is lovely seeing these photo's. Mabel sure was a sweet heart xxoxxx

Mollie and Alfie

Dory and the Mama said...

She was soooo great with the kids!! Such a sweet girl!!

Mr. Pip said...

Oh my gosh, the pictures with the children are SO PRECIOUS!