Monday, May 26, 2014

All She Left Me Was a Pot of Gold

We interrupt these Memorial Posts to bring you a funeral. Mabel's hike and funeral was SO special yesterday. All of our Friday night pack was there. We haven't all been able to hike together like this in a few years...and it was just wonderful to see everyone together! We were so blessed to be part of this pack!

About the title above: I still don't believe I've had a real Mabel visitation. But I have had one very strange dream. In it, I was in a large building with all the people and dogs that were at Mabel's funeral. And in walked Mabel. I got so excited that I woke up in my dream and she was gone. And I said, "Awwww... all she left me was a pot of gold." I woke up for real, saying that phrase out loud.  I shouted out to her, "Little girl, if you left me a pot of gold, you better get back here and tell me where it is!"

But upon relaying the dream to the Rottrover, she pointed out that Mabel Lou left me the Creekerati. And as I started thinking about that, I realized that every single person and dog in my immediate circle of friends (save for my Bestie and Bart), I met because of Mabel.

Friends that come over when your fence has fallen down, when your pool is full of duck poop. Ones you can call in the middle of the night when your dog has been in a fight with a raccoon or ones who race to meet you at the vet when your dog is dying. People that cook you a meal or give you a hug or share their dogs with you. And canine friends that give kisses and cuddles when they know your heart is hurting.... She really did leave me a pot of gold and I am rich beyond belief, thanks to my girl.


The day Mabel passed, one of the first things I did was email Mr. Chewy to stop this month's shipment of review product. It was too late...they had been shipped. 
 Here we have Chloe, Otto, Sue, Atilla, and Hank.

So, Mabel's friends will be doing her review this month. I've never seen dogs go SO crazy for treats! The leftovers went home with the Rottrover and I gave some to Bart and Ruby who could not do such a strenuous hike, and they loved them too!

And Barticus is always on the fringes... Sue has SUCH crush on him! Please note, 'Tilla's dad dressed up for the funeral...LOL! I've never seen him so spiffy... as a pool man, his clothes are often full of chlorine holes. I was most honored!

I made Memorial Beads for all in attendance.

At first I was really upset that they didn't come out all pink like I wanted, but after just sitting with them for a while, I started to see our sky and river and the amazing sunsets we have. And I guess, they look the way Mabel Lou wanted them to look. All the friends got to pick theirs. 

I forgot to take individual shots of the most special beads I've ever made! OY! So these are some of the worst bead pics EVER... but in some ways, they mean the most!
From L-R, Top-Bottom: Atilla's Dad, Hank n Sue's Mom, Chloe's Dad, The Rottrover, Bart's Mom. I'll show you my own later...

After we shot the Chewy pics, we went down to the main swimming hole and dropped a little of Mabel there.  (Her hidey hole and the waterfalls are dry, so I kept a bit of her for next spring!) Then, we crossed the river and hiked up stream in search of more water, dropping scoops of her in some of her favorite swimming spots. What was most hilarious (or creepy, depending on your take), was that all of the dogs either walked right through the spots she was placed or some of them drank the water as she was settling in! We were all laughing, because now, humans and dogs alike each have a little bit of Mabel Lou to carry on all our journeys.

Bart's Mom put this together...The bit you hear her humming at the beginning is Mabel's "Creek Song" that I sang to her every day when we were headed to the creek.  Hope you enjoy.


rottrover said...

OMD! Eyes leaking. What a wonderful video. What a wonderful event. What a wonderful dog. Good by, Mabel Lou. We'll miss you and remember you every time we're at the stream. Aloha!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto and Lisa, too.

Millie and Walter said...

What a wonderful send off for your sweet Mable Lou. Thanks for sharing your pictures and the video even if it made my eyes leak too.


Ruby said...

OMD!! Not a dry eye over here! What a FABulous tribute to your Mabel Lou. Always in your heart...ours too. I will miss that Black and Tan terribly. Thanks bunches for sharing. Oh, and those beads are very very beautiful!
Ruby ♥♥
pees: if you find that pot of gold...

Snowbrush said...

I had such dreams about my mother--for over a year. If they were visitations, I wish she had visited me less, although when she finally stopped coming, she stopped for years.

I'm glad Mabel came to see you, and I'm glad that you can celebrate the endowment she left you, and endowment that you wouldn't have had without her.


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Tears are flowing here. I watched the video right before bed last time, and all the memories came flooding back. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful pot of gold there - we all should be so fortunate. A beautiful tribute for your beautiful girl. I loved the music. Many hugs to you.

The OP Pack Mom and her pack

Mollie said...

That was just beautiful, tears rolling so can't see what I am writing now . Loads of hugs xxoxxx

Mollie and Alfie

rottrover said...

OK. Crying agani...

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

A beautiful send off for a beautiful girl....

Tons of Hugs!
Mama Beth, Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Pat Wahler said...

I am stunned. I didn't know about Mabel until I stopped by your blog today. I'm so sorry for your loss. I know Mabel is running free at the Rainbow Bridge where I'm sure there are many creeks perfect for her to splash and play in. Take care.

Critter Alley

Angel Gracie=^o.o^= said...

I am so sorry to hear that your sweet Mable has run off to the bridge. I know you miss her bunches. Keep her close to you in your thoughts and in your heart. xoxox

Linda@VS said...

The first time I saw this amazing video was on Facebook, and I cried so hard I couldn't even manage a comment. When I saw you'd posted it here, I avoided watching it for a few days because just thinking about it made the tears start up again. Finally, just now, I watched it for the second time, and yes, the tears are flowing. It is SO beautiful, SO moving, SUCH a wonderful way for you (and all of us) to remember Mabel. Going for tissues now.

Anonymous said...

so very very touching; what a great memorial celebration

Judith Billig (Icarus Beads) said...

Tears here too.
This is so touching, and your love for Mabel pours out of every word that you write.
Hugs and more hugs.