Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Graveyard

I was cutting grass with the weed whacker the other day, trying to clear a spot for Mabel's bathroom needs and to get some of the grass in Mallory's area short enough that we wouldn't lose baby ducks in there. (I can't use the lawn mower as it's too rough on my tennis elbow!)

I discovered a stuffed Panda buried near the pool motor. I danced a jig and sang out to Mabel, "I found your hidey hole!" as I always do. I do this because it pisses her off, which I really enjoy (mean Momma that I am)! She came and got the stuffie and disappeared.

Later as I was trying to pick up the side yard... just a nothing bit of grass and a sweet lemon tree but otherwise used to store my wheelbarrow, compost bin and Mallory's spare floating island... and I noticed a well worn path through the tall grass:

I thought I was imagining it...what would Mabel be doing back there? As we are the only two bodies here... either she was using it or someone was jumping the fence!

 No, there was a definite path. I assumed it was because the grass here was actually shorter than the back yard... I got the pooper scooper and headed in... only to discover this:

I uncovered it:

It was the panda from earlier in the day...

On the other side of the compost bin, I was surprised to find another burial site:

Curious, I dug it up to find:

Our stuffed Mallory! Mallory stuffie has been on our bed since the first year with the ducks. I think since Mabel was alone so much during my recent trip, she took the opportunity to off her nemesis! Or maybe it was to punish me!

I reburied my finds....until I want to piss the princess off again!


GOOSE said...

Hahhaha. OK my MOM will some times find where I hide my bones and she will bring it to me. Whats worse is as I am trying to hide something, she seeks peeks where I leave them. Grrr. But I have to say it is funny where it happens to another dog.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Hmm...we never hide our treasures in da yard but maybe we will start cuz it look like fun. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae and Max

Wyatt said...

We think Mabel Lou must be a relative of our Stanzie Marie. Stanzie has buried just about every toy and ball that has ever arrived at this house! We are forever unearthing stuffed toys that have been missing for years!


harrispen said...

Mabel you are a funny girl.