Monday, February 18, 2013

She's Back Again

The day before Valentine's, it crossed my mind that I really missed Mallory! I hadn't been able to spot her at Dirty Creek (There are so many ducks there now but sometimes, she does make her presence known!)

Well, I know to be careful what I ask for... Valentine's night, Mabel and I were getting out of the car when I heard a rather distinctive "Quack!" I looked to the sky and was ducks.

We came in the house and just as I sat down for dinner, "QUACK!" This one got Mabel's attention. Her poor face said, "OH NO! NOT HER!"

I went outside and there she was, surveying all the winter mishaps to the pool and deck. Mallory seemed none to happy but then, that is her general demeanor. I chatted with her a bit and left her to her work.

Forgive this photo... my phone was the only thing handy and it was dusk.

I came in and called the hiking buddy. We both are so puzzled by Mallory's schedule.

When she first came, I saw her on May 6th and the ducklings arrived on June 10th.
Last year, Mallory arrived March 20 and her ducklings hatched on May 4th.
This year, her first appearance is Valentine's Day! That would set us up for April Fools Ducklings!

In the morning, I saw that her nest was cleaned out.  Here we go again!


GOOSE said...

How interesting. Looks like you might have some little fools waddling around soon.

harrispen said...

It's just amazing how they keep coming back to the same place to nest. I'm sure we have some song birds that do the same, but at least they don't take up our pool. Have fun.


Priscilla Phang said...

Oh, those cuties are back!