Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pip's Bucket List Tour Stops In Sunland

Mabel Lou here. My Mom is making me allow Barticus, a/k/a Farticus, co-write this post for our furiend Pip’s Bucket List Blog Tour.   

We all thought we would show Pip and Puddles our creek and then introduce them to one of our favorite new treats. We were quivering with excitements at the thought of meeting our Internet furiends!

Pip and Puddles were to meet us at the creek and they were a little late. We feared they might have stopped at one of our "green" pharmacies like they did on the way to see the Rottrovers the other day.  We have heard rumors they've been using Pip's new med card all over the place!

 It turns out   we just should have been more explicit about parking instructions. Puddles was so mesmerized by our shallow flowing waters, she drove right in!

I was non-pulsed by the car parked in my creek, naturally! Truth be told, it happens several times a year!

“Com’on in guys! The water is lovely!”

Pip and Puddles were not so sure they wanted to swim… the water is kinda chilly this time of year. So Bart enlisted his mom to demonstrate one of his favorite activities at the creek: catching rocks!

BART: I LOVE to catch rocks! I love to dive for rocks and chase rocks and hide rocks. But catching rocks my mom tosses is the BEST! 

MABEL: He’s CLEARLY been hit in the head with a few as well! 
Pip and Puddles weren’t too sure about this activity either… what to do??? I took them over to the pond for some tall grass sniffies. Everyone loves sniffies!

But it turns out, Pip and Puddles were so much shorter than us, we kept losing track of them in the big tall grass! Can you even SEE Pip in the tall grasses???

We lost track of Puddles altogether for a bit until I remembered one of the local creek residents always has a nice selection of beer!  Puddles apparently had made a friend and shared a few bevvies!  At least they recycle!

But she wasn’t going to leave Pip unattended for long. She caught up with us just as I was trying to get “someone”  to quit messing around….

BART: I wasn’t messing around… it’s just that grass makes me iiitttchhhh!

MABEL: Whatever… I was a little worried that our creek adventure was a bust so I suggested our Moms drive since the Pip n Puddle mobile was still drying out. We went up and over our mountain to La Canada where they have a new hamburger restaurant called Hamburger Habit... Boy is it ever addictive! Pip perked up at this news! You know he loves his cheeseburgers!

I explained to him that we were going to have something better than cheeseburgers! Pip was simply flabbergasted! He couldn’t imagine what on earth that could be. We got to the Hamburger Habit and waited patiently with Bart’s Mom outside while my mom got the foodables.   Pip and Puddles were ever so patient as the line was long. They were way better behaved that "someone" we know.

BART: Want foodables NOW!

Since Pip REALLY wanted a cheeseburger, my mom got us some. She cut them up into bite sized pieces while we waited…

BART: …and waited and waited and …

MABEL: We got the idea Bart! 

My mom always just gives me a burger with no bun. Pip just rolled his eyes and assumed it was some California low carb diet thing. Well, I do keep a lean figure but I made a mental note to con ask Mom for a cheeseburger on a bun soon! After we all had our burgers, Mom brought out the treat: a tri-tip steak sandwich. 

BART: MMMMMmmmm steak sammich good!

MABEL: How do you know? You had never had one before.

BART: I could tell by the way you licked the sammich before Auntie got it ready for us! You didn't even let Pip or Puddles go first!

MABEL: Well, I do love a good tri tip sandwich! Pip LOVED it too but  he was not ready to admit it might be better than his beloved cheeseburgers! But he did agree that the tri tip made a really nice chaser for a cheeseburger! I have to agree! At least the food made up for the scary trip to our creek!

It was so nice to meet Pip and Puddles in the furs! We loved visiting with them and we sure hope they make it safely to their next Blogville stop!


Mr. Pip said...

Oops, sorry ...uh, didn't mean to park in the creek. Bart, can you give us a push! Thanks.

Hey, easy with the rocks ...that one almost clunked me in the head.

Puddles isn't too keen on the water, but I love a short swim.

Mr. Pip said...

Puddles? Mabel Lou? Bart? Where did everyone GO? I seem to be lost in a grass jungle.

Is ANYBODY out there??

Mr. Pip said...

Sometimes a bun just gets in the way ...chomp, chomp, chomp ...

Something better than a cheeseburger??? Are you crazy?? Well, it does smell pretty good ...chomp, chomp, chomp ...oh my dog, steak burgers are AMAZING!!!!

Reilly / Denny Cowspotdogs said...

We agree - who needs the bun - just go right for the meat we say - looks like everyone had a great time and the creek looks like a pawsome place to visit

GOOSE said...

Good thing puddles was not mistaken for a rock and tossed in the creek. Bawhahhaha. I think Pip had a super time. Any visit that ends with foodables like that has to be GREAT!

Marg said...

It sure sounds like a good time was had by all. Glad you got to taste something new Pip. Puddles, we cannot believe you parked in the creek. Well I guess we can believe it. At least you got out of there without getting arrested. Have a good trip home.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Oh good GRIEF... we have hear of RUN OFF and CREEK POLLUTION butt PIP and Puddles have taken that to the X-STREAM. We can NOT believe that they actually PARKED IN your Creek!!

Wow that is some MAJOR high Grass.. We are really SURPRISED that Pip and Puddles didn't love it. We all saw how much they LOVED being HIGH on Grass the other day!!!!

OH boy howdy does that CheeseBurger ever look delicious... BUTT we think the TRI TIP looks EVEN BETTER.
Hope the PIP Mobile gets dried out soon.
PeeS... MAYBE that parked in the creek on PURPOSE... we have heard that they have a few Brewskies in the TRUNK. PAWhaps they were wanting to keep them COOL.
THANKS fur the grrrreat visit.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

We had a PAWSOME time with Pip and Puddles and loved having them for a visit!!

Anonymous said...

I loooove Puddles parking job! And those hamburgers look delicious! I bet they had a great time!

harrispen said...

Looks like you showed them a great time. They are visiting me tomorrow.


Ruby said...

Hi guys! Nice to meet you! It was so great to lets Pip and Puddles play in your creek ~ well, in your creek grasses! I bets there are a lot of FABulous smells in there.
I'm sure glads Pip loves his cheeseburger, and WOW!! That tritip samwich looks amazin'!!! I'm droolin' all over the keyboard just lookin' at it! Oh, I wish you had smell-o-vision!
I love that Puddles always is makin' furends everywhere she goes ~ I guess it always helps if there are beers involved!! BOL
Great time guys!

Madi and Mom said...

Bart and Mabel Ruth....mol mol mol
(yes I'm a khat...but Pip likes me so that is all you need to know)!!!

Puddles parked in the creek is hilarious. She parked on top of a building when she was in NC!!! She actually does not have a valid license.

You are right Pip and Puddles are vertically challenged but they make up for with their giant personalities.
We thoroughly enjoyed their visit to sunny CA
hugs Madi and Mom

rottrover said...

OMD!! You guys are back!! Did you try the fries? They are amazing!!

-Bart, Ruby and Otto

Mr. Pip said...

But of course I tried the fries! I even tossed a couple in a doggie bag for my assistant. She lives for fries in the same way I live for burgers

Wyatt said...

I really think we need to keep Pip and Puddles out of California. Maybe you can take the car keys away from them and just buy them a train ticket. Now, about that steak there any left?

Wyatt and Stanzie

What Remains Now said...

I'm glad to see that Pip is getting the chance to use his new medical card. Looks like everyone had a great outdoor activities, good food and beer.

Alien said...

Now that is a great parking job!

Hope Pip's special card didn't get wet. :0