Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moo Cards

I have long wanted Moo cards - little mini business cards - for this blog for a long time. Why?? I'm out shooting pictures and someone always asks what I'm doing. Or I meet a nice dog to hike with (a la Mr. Freckles) and I tell the dog's human to see the pics on CreekHiker and ... the tell me point blank, "Oh, I'll never remember that!"

[You would be AMAZED at how many hikers I meet in the creek who claim they cannot remember CreekHiker!]

Once I saw the mini Moos... I knew I wanted them. But... I thought they were a bit pricey at 20 bucks for a hundred. (I buy my real business cards at GotPrint and paid around 48 bucks for 5000!)

They are finally here:

That's just a few of the images! On the back, I designed a quick little gif file with the address: 

They are pretty nifty but - I found Moo's shipping charges to be crazy high. I'm writing a Pros and Cons on the whole process on the business / bead blog today. 

I did get two 15% off coupon codes for NEW Moo customers so...if you are interested, email me. (Offer good to the first two emails ONLY.) OR... I posted another alternative to Moo on the bead blog as well which is an excellent choice for folks with some photoshop skills!


Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! Woof! GREAT! Just opened an MOO account last week MOO but never got a coupon so will be delighted to get one ... we are still deciding what decide our cards. YES the shipping prices was a bit high than regular print companies so the 15 off will be great. Will send you an email Golden Thanks. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

rottrover said...

Oh Mabel - they are so YOU!! Your card just screams I'm a diva princess and it's all about MEEEEE!!

We love them. Mom???

-Giz, Bart and Ruby

Priscilla said...

Hey, that IS pretty cool!!!

the booker man said...

miss mabel lou,

your cards are totally awesome sauce! i've been wantin' to do somethingie like that for my bloggie, but my mama is a cheap skate. (sorry mama, but it's true!)

the booker man