Friday, April 22, 2011

Midday in the Arroyo

Mabel Lou here - Momma's got a toothache and is heading to the dentist so... I'm taking over her blog! We had the mostest fun time yesterday! Momma had some kind of networking lunch near the arroyo yesterday. We haven't been there in a few weeks...Mom complains of gas prices. Not sure why. We both have lots of gas.

But it was cool and cloudy so Mom took me with her and left me in the car under a big shade tree with the windows down. I took the best nap and woke up just in time to show Mom how well I guard the jeep! Wouldn't want her to catch me napping on the job!

Then we were off to the upper arroyo. We haven't been there in many months as the trails are closed still from the fires. Right off the bat, Mom was complaining about her stupid feet! Seems she wore new shoes and no socks and got a blister right off the bat! I was really mad at her! We weren't even to the water yet! But she folded down the back of her shoe and didn't complain too much after that.

The first canyon we get to used to be a tease before the fires. You could hear the water; you could see the water. But you couldn't get to the water. But NOW... you can run right in!

We climbed up and out of that canyon to the main road and rounded the bend when we spied a new friend through the old bridge. This is Sunny. Can you see her???

We had a good romp. Mom said we moved too fast to get some real good pictures. You know how it is:  when you gotta play, YOU GOTTA PLAY!!!

Sunny runs FAST!

We moved on up the road and met two more pups: Bentley and Piper. They were chasing a tennis ball as their dad tossed it.

Just as I was about to show them how much I covet tennis balls, Mom was having a fit cause some big work trucks were rounding the bend.

Piper and Bentley made me look really bad! This is what they do when their pawrents tell them to get out of the road:

Notice me strolling toward them??? Mom was NOT happy about that at all! I was on the side of the road, really Mom! Geesh!

I hope your day is a wonderful Good Friday sniff-fest:

Me? I'm on guard duty at home til Mom gets home from the dentist but I think her and my auntie are taking the Barticus Farticus out to Starbux for some CREAM! I heard its free beverage day if you bring your own cup... Hope they take BOWLS!


rottrover said...

What a funballs hike you had, Miss Mabel!! You met some nice fureinds. Don't forget to wipe your toe-prints off the keyboard before Momma gets home!!

-Gizmo, Bart and Ruby

Snowbrush said...

I love that second photo. I sure hope your tooth is okay.