Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Better Late Than Never!

Today is the day to catch up on some tedious tasks from my recent past. I never posted my follow up post for the One World One Heart Winners! While I did make certain I mailed my prizes on time, by the time I finished with the ridiculous job and then lost a few weeks to the depression over my only sibling's cancer return... and then taxes... OY! It's LATE April already! Geesh!

Anyway, my prize - this lovely silvered ivory heart

went to the owner of two fantastic blogs! Kersten is from Alaska and both her blogs - Altered Gypsy and 4x4 Friday pertain to rubber stamping. (An art form I have too little time for these days - the owner of a rubber stamp shop never gets to stamp! Sigh....)

I am absolutely in LOVE with the concept behind her 4x4 Friday blog. She posts an idea and inspiration card, usually in the 4 x 4 size, every Friday. Participants work on the theme over the weekend and post a response. Isn't that cool?? I pray that one Friday, I get to participate!


rottrover said...

SO beautiful!!

Snowbrush said...

Whimper. Just because I'm cruel, selfish, and thoughtless doesn't mean that I'm not greedy for a prize.