Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I drove by that house again today, determined to take a picture of that shepherd in the rain. Our rain storms have been nonstop since Thursday night and he has been on my mind for days. I was pleased that he was not on the porch. As I looked around, I noticed a tarp covering what appeared to be an old dog house...so he has some kind of shelter.

Even this makes me mad. The idiots that live near the creek have three unaltered males that are never allowed in the home and all they have for shelter is a camper shell - open on both ends! No bedding and just each other to keep warm. And our local officials think this is a fine shelter.

I was not feeling too great; a stomach bug had me feeling low. I took a long winter nap, cuddling with Miss Mabel on our heated mattress pad in our heated and dry home and just felt so grateful and sad for all those pups that aren't so lucky.

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rottrover said...

I drove by yesterday twice -- it was pouring both times -- and no GSD was seen. You and Mabel send some powerful VIBES!!!