Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sorry to Disappear - But the Shoes Were Calling My Name

I kept forgetting my camera after day 2 of my sister's visit. But we did more shopping than I've done in a year! I was dead dog tired!

And my sister wasn't solely to blame. I discovered J-41 shoes. Shoes designed by Jeep... are car sales so bad that they want to get in on the ground floor of the original mode of transportation??? I'm only kidding. I love my Jeep and I love my J-41s. They are so comfortable: Soles made from recycled tires; great arch support!

Only every store we went to had them in the wrong size. I finally found this red pair but was longing for their trail rated - water proof model.

 I finally found the water proof one on the left in gray and lavender... ahhh!

Dancing with the Stars was a hoot. No celebs in the audience if you don't count Rick Fox's trashy girlfriend Eliza Dushku. We had VIP seating, which I didn't realize. So we stood in line for two hours in 100 degree temps (I wore shorts under my fancy dress to sit on the concrete!) all to get to our assigned seats! LOL!  Rod Stewart was kind of disappointing. The screen behind us turned into gigantic teleprompter so he could read the lyrics. Snooze.

But, my sister got to be a hero when she held our place as I went back to the car for bottle water. A guy in a wheelchair jumped a curb and wrecked. An even though we were not supposed to enter the studio lot, my sister did! She ran and got security to call 911. The man in the wheelchair was so grateful.

The whole time my sister was here, my bestie was gone to Mesquite, NV for the World Long Drive championships. Her hubby made the quarter finals. I was on dog sitting duty in the mornings with my
godson on night duty with Bart. That was fun to get to know the boy away from the BFF. I have quite a few Bart tales I will share as I get back into the blogging saddle.


rottrover said...

I love the red ones. Can't wait to go wading in the creek with the rottens!!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of those shoes-they look comfy.

Sounds like you had a great time with your sister! Did she go hiking with you and Mabel?

the booker man said...

miss creekhiker,
oooo, i like your new kicks a lot!! mama really likes shoes with those bungee laces cuz she's too lazy to tie hers. BOL!
how cool that you got to go see dancin' with the stars! i think you and your sis should have run out onto the dance floor to show those stars how it's really done!! :)))

the booker man