Monday, November 15, 2010

Auntie Hero

Today, I was driving to the creek when the BFF phoned...she wouldn't be joining us. Even though I was almost there, I turned around and drove to her house. I honked and the boy dashed out, raced around to my side of the car so I could open the door and let him in. The BFF told me she knew we were coming because Bart got all excited before I ever honked. He knows the sound of the Jeep now!

I loved the excitement on his face. I love that I'm someone's hero.

I feel like Mabel Lou's hero too these days. I switched her to K-9 Liquid Health after some remarkable recommendations from friends. It's been a month and she stopped groaning getting out of the car. Of course, she started again when I bragged about that. But Mabel is a complainer! But she doesn't complain as much!
Another bonus is...well, I haven't seen her really let loose and run and romp and be her usual bossy self with other dogs at the creek since late last year. But I have seen that recently! Today, she and Bart and Chloe the doberman all had a great run. They chased each other; the girls ganged up on Bart and he ran faster; They all worked together to uproot a small bush which they tore apart and chased the sticks! It was fantastic to see!

Even though she was on the pills before - and STILL comes to the kitchen wondering where her treat is since I made the switch - I have noticed a great difference.

And in a shopping note... you know I love to save a buck. I can't recommend Amazon enough. I went to the Liquid Health website determined to find a store nearby so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping. I placed in a 30 mile search cause I drive a lot to pick up supplies for the shop. The closest store was here in my town... the locals call it "Pet B17ch" because the ladies who work there are never in a pleasant mood.

I checked the price's 36.95 for the same jug I pay 19.85 for on Amazon. And if you spend 25 or more - FREE shipping!  For $3 bucks more, I get twice as much! Whooo Hooo! Good stuff!


rottrover said...

WHAT FUN!! and I'm so glad the K-9 Liquid Health is helping Miss M. And, I'm sorry we missed you ;(

rottrover said...

AND, I just ordered K-9 Liquid Health from Amazon. Even with shipping it was cheaper than PB! Thanks!!

the booker man said...

thanks for the hot tip, miss creekhiker! mama says we may need to look into that k-9 liquid health for asa since she's gettin' to be a mature lady and all. :)

the booker man

Priscilla said...

It's lovely to be someone's hero!!! What a fun day you all had!

Levi Mac said...

That sounds like such a fun day and good that Mabel Lou is getting that spunk back :)
Good to know when things work!

The Luke said...

What fun!!! And that juice sounds great!!!

wif love from the Luke

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this-will look into it, thanks for posting about it!