Thursday, August 05, 2010

Making Himself at Home

Bart comes over to visit us from time to time. (i.e. when he and his mom get too hot on their runs!) This is what he does:

And Miss Mabel Lou doesn't seem to mind!


Life with 5 dogs said...

Hello Bart, Looks like you found a nice place to cool down.
Your Friends at

rottrover said...

Miss Mabel is just living 'Southern Hospitality' as she was taught by her momma!

Priscilla said...

What a sweet boy :)

Anonymous said...

Either she's scared of him or she's in love!

Mango said...

Is that Miss Mabel's bed? Oh he is getting all his Bartness on it. How forward of him.


K9friend said...

Sharing is a lovely trait!


the booker man said...

miss mabel lou,
you sure are full of the kindness to share your bed with bart! maybe you two could have a little snuggle fest? teehee.
the booker man

pee s -- beads of courage is #1! *squeeee*

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Rott - True dat!

Janet, While they are happy to see each other, they often treat one another with complete indifference!

Mango - Yes it is! Yes HE IS!