Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GABE Prize:ScooPup Pocket - Polite Pup

The first of the prizes I won during GABE arrived! A purple ScooPup Pocket from Tiny Growl. It's so cool to have an extra layer of protection between your hand and the baggie. And purple is our favorite color!

I got a lot of questions about Mabel Lou and stealing after the last post about her showing me where my toast was. Seriously, Mabel generally does not steal food. I can put a plate in front of her for her to eat and she will look to me for reassurance that it is OK to eat it. The last time she stole, I blogged about it - November 2007. Mabel is NOT a thief.

Even I was pleasantly surprised the other morning when I got a phone call from our hiking buddy / Mabel's auntie.

She phoned to ask a "Did Mabel really do that or was I dreaming?" question.

We were over there visiting the previous night. Mabel comes in, says hi to her and the dogs, paces the front porch until my friend puts down the "company rug." Once the rug is down, Mabel selects a bone from their bone bin and just makes herself at home on the rug, chewing...occasionally getting up to act like a guard dog when a stranger passes by.

As we were leaving - we were inside - my friend says to Mabel, "Would you like to take a bone home?" Mabel wags her tail, sniffs the bone on the floor (not the one she had been chewing), walks outside to "her" bone, sniffs it, turns and looks at her auntie to be certain / ask permission.

Auntie says, "You can take it home." Tail wags, Mabel picks up the bone, turns to nuzzle her auntie (Thank you!) and heads for the car!

Asking permission and saying thank you!!! Gosh, I'm a beaming mom!!! It really happened!


Diana Chiew said...

Haha...our human is envious that you won the ScooPup Pocket. Still, congratulations!

The humans used to be surprised that we actually understand the human language. They didn't believe that we, too, can communicate with them. They really think you are a polite pup and yes, your Mom should be proud of you!

Brutus, Ellie, Pippa and Otto said...

Congrats on your GABE win - that ScooPup Pocket is pretty neat.

Such a polite doggy - and there are people that say that we don't understand humans!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Anonymous said...

Nice prize!

Spot will sometimes "ask" before taking something that's been left for him, like the last bite of a cookie left on a side table. But other times, he'll just gobble it up and worry about the niceties later. I like a polite dog!

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

That Poop Pocket looks so very cool!! Since Dory always tends to "do her business" about 3 minutes after we hit the trail...I think I may start looking a bit harder to find one!


rottrover said...

That first picture looks like a very tired girl after a wonderful long hike with her mom and maybe some furends. Such a sweet (and polite) girl. But after all, her mother was raised in the South, and has taught her good manners, ya'll.

Pat Wahler said...

Miss Mabel is very polite. Miss Manners would be proud!


Anonymous said...

She is such a good girl!

Tiny Growl said...

I'm glad to see that your ScooPup Pocket has arrived!

Just a reminder to your jealous readers, they can use the coupon code GABE until May 8th and get free shipping on their own ScooPup Pockets. Visit (Don't forget, for everyone purchased, I donate $1 to deserving animal welfare charities.)

Anonymous said...

OMD you got the awesome scoopup pocket? Lucky!

Linda@VS said...

Mabel is SO polite! Butch and Kadi could learn a few things from her.