Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Dizzy Busy

Sorry to disappear! Between my continuing needed work on the new website, still numb left arm, and problems with nearly every single order in the shop, I'm so busy, I'm dizzy!

Couple that with an impending reunion... this one for the Carol Duvall Show which equals house guests which equals cleaning frenzy...oy, I'm tired! We've got former show guests flying in from all over the country! And my crafting soul sister, Becky and her hubby, the Rocketman, are staying with me. I saw them a few months ago in Anaheim but it's been a few years for Mabel. Let me just say - Mabel LOVES the Rocketman!

Seriously, my pup looses control of everything when she sees him! She dashes out the front door into his arms, pisses herself and then throws her contorting body at his feet right into the... And, he loves her. He wears old shoes when he knows he's going to see her! The two of them curl up on the floor and he pets her for ages and her love is undying!

When Becky told me they were coming, I made it clear that she had to live with being the "other woman" in Rocketman's life for the know, 'cause Mabel Lou is the Queen!

Truth be told, we have so much to do in their less-than-46-hours on the ground in L.A. Mabel will have to make do with a few hours of cuddling with her beloved.

I'll take lots of pictures at the party and I'll see you on the flip side of the weekend!


Becky said...

Who cares about the house! It's you and Miss Mabel we want to see! Can't wait to see you guys! Rocketman and I will be there soon with empty stomachs.

K9friend said...

Sometimes real life must take precedence. Enjoy the fun!


the booker man said...

sounds like miss mabel lou has a serious crush. teehee! have funsies with your friendz!!
the booker man

rottrover said...

Don't get carried away and clean Mabel! Have a wonderful time :-)

Velvet Sacks said...

Sounds like a lot of hustle and bustle. Glad there's an upside for Mabel.

Have a great time with all your old friends.