Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Score, Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago today, it was a bright and sunny, perfect California Sunday afternoon. All was right with the world. From where I sat on my sofa, I could hear families barbecuing, laughing and swimming. I could hear dogs barking. And each bark made me cry. I was so sad and so lonely; My Maggie May had died suddenly from cancer about six weeks earlier.

So, I decided I would drive down to the North Valley Animal Shelter, "just to look" I told myself. Yeah right!

As I walked through looking at all the dogs in need of a home, I knew I couldn't get an older dog again. My last two girls were not with me nearly long enough. My eyes settled on a four month old who had been returned to the shelter many times. Most who adopted her returned her the next day or two. I should've known better. This girl was cute and she knew it.

I had the shelter worker take her to the playground. All of that focused attention she had shown me when she was behind bars had vanished and was now solely pointed toward a tennis ball.
Trying hard to ignore my inner voice, my irrational brain took over, "Hey, she's on sale! Eight bucks! Micro chip and hysterectomy included!"

What is it they say? A man will spend twice as much for an item he wants. A woman will spend half as much to buy something she doesn't want because it is on sale...

But deep in my heart, I wanted a puppy. Even if her nickname was Hell-on-Paws!

It was a rough start. And now, like all of my girls before her, she has ensconced herself so deep in my heart that I know I will never be the same when it's time for us to part.

And right now, that same girl is spinning my desk chair around... Her way of saying I've been on the computer too long and surely, it's time for a hike at the creek!

The score, seven years ago: I gave a dog a home (and a bone) and she rescued me.


Duly Inspired said...

Isn't funny how they do that?

Snowbrush said...

Thank you for a wonderful story.