Friday, June 12, 2009

Note to Newscasters

I've expressed my disdain for the twit (formerly!!) known as Miss California before. But setting that aside, I wish to speak to the newscasters and producers of news shows out there.

Elections in Iran = News
Economy = News
Swine Flu = News
The Racist Attack on the Holocaust Museum = NEWS
Carrie Prejean - NOT NEWS!!!!!

But if you HAVE to talk about her, and apparently you do, PLEASE LEARN TO SAY HER DAMN NAME!

Prejean - French. Pronounced "PRAY john."

If I hear "PRE jean" one more time, I gonna have hit somebody!


Becky said...

Remember the days before 24 hour news? If I hear one more report about Jon and Kate I'm going to lose it!

Anonymous said...

They go for what they think people are more interested in. Yesterday here, it seemed like nothing was happening in the world but the switch from analog to digital. Like the entire world suspended what it had been doing to deal with that fact.