Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amazing Tail - Mabels First Trip to the Ocean

A/K/A: Adventures in La La Land When Mom Forgets Her Purse!

NOTE: Since Miss Mabel Lou has been known to hijack this blog from time to time, I asked for her assistance with this post. The italics are hers.


It was a blah kind of new job listings, no orders and I was feeling kinda icky. So I hung out on facebook where one of my glass buddies posted some beads with a new glass that I had been pondering and suddenly had to have. I phoned my favorite drug glass dealer and she had some in stock. She also mentioned her puppy, Ming, was in the store.

As I planned my trip to the South Bay, it occurred to me that my water-loving creek hiker had never seen the ocean. The reason is rather simple - we have major restrictions in L.A. county about dogs on the beach. Basically, it's not allowed! A quick bit of research revealed there are only two beaches that allow dogs on the sand at all. One on the the north end of the county and one on the south... and I was headed south. And it seemed a "Day-cation" was just the ticket!

I grabbed lots of beach towels, extra clothing, poop baggies, a fabric leash, and a carry all. I got the girl in the car and we were off.

As we were getting off the freeway almost an hour later, I turned and looked at that pile in the back of the Jeep....I hoped my purse was in there somewhere... But it wasn't!

I ran into Pacific Artglass where I hoped to pick up fusing supplies for my upcoming class. I explained my situation and the owner let me have it on credit. Just mail a check! Good thing I shop there a lot! And off we went to The Mandrel for that special glass... I was hoping Donna would let me pick it out and phone in a credit card. But my luck changed. I found a check book in the car! And sweet Donna let me write it for $40 more so I would have parking and dinner money!

We were in the car for a LONG time. Mom was having a fit about her purse!

Back on the freeway again and we were in Long Beach. I've always gone there doing the tourist thing. I had heard it was a pretty town but the tourist areas...aren't. As I got into the Belmont Shore area, it reminded me of trips to the gulf coast as a child...stately homes across from the beach, fantastic little shops and lots of walking areas. My girl was going to love this.

Knowing that these dog beaches are "test programs," I wanted to avoid all potential accidents. So I leashed Mabel up and we walked over the grassy edge of the parking lot and MOOOOOM! Can we not talk about my PERSONAL business???? Sorry Mabel.

Anyway, I grabbed our gear and walked down the coned off part of the beach... a three block area where the dogs can roam! I spread our towel and let Mabel go.

It was fun seeing ALL that water! It was everywhere. But it moved. A lot! And it sort of scared me! But that ocean breeze in my hair was wonderful!

Mabel was a bit freaked as the water kept washing over her toes. Then a pitbull puppy arrived and kept biting Mabel's ankles.

I did NOT like that!

So we hiked down the beach chasing a tennis ball. She met a few other dogs and romped. But she mostly stayed on the fringe of the water.
Soon, Mabel became fixated on the little boy in the photo below. She chased him and frolicked around him...but he wanted nothing to do with her. So she changed her fixation to his toddler brother...which terrified their mother!

I just wanted to play with them!

Which led to her first time out! Mean, mean Mommie! I had to leash her up and take her to our towel for a bit. At first she was upset but then she just hung out and relaxed.

I really LOVED all the kites and kite surfers.... that was fun to watch!

There were probably 50 of these just up the beach from us!

After a bit, I thought if Mabel wanted to chase something, I would let her chase me. So we took off down the beach.

That would be fun if you weren't so easy to catch!

On this trip down the beach, I made a point of standing in the water to show her how nice it was. She was finally staying put when the waves washed over her toes.... as long as it was shallow. Deeper waves sent her running.

Mom, the creek just doesn't move like that!

Then a German Shepherd puppy became enamored of the girl. He was actually chasing her in this shot. He was a cutie and not afraid of anything. He would get Mabel's attention and dash into the water, well over his head! And... Mabel followed! But only so far. They had a great romp!

Then some boys at the other end of the beach began throwing a tennis ball and squealing. This got the girls attention big time!

She raced down the beach to play with them. She jumped and had a blast and totally forgot about that giant moving ocean! Here's a video...

After a bit, Mabel started nipping at the boys. NOT cool!

What's wrong with that??? It's the way a dog plays!! Don't you humans know how to have a good time!???!

I tried getting her attention and running away...something that works well in the creek. But she stayed with the boys!

Who wants to chase YOU when there are fun boys to play with!

Yes, I'm starting to realize, Mabel would LOVE to have a boy of her very own!

Can we....
Don't even go there!

I had the boys come in from the water, knowing she would follow. I had to double leash her and practically drag her to the car!

But I just started having fun!

I was kind of worried because she drank a bit of sea water. I found a the dog watering fountain at the edge of the parking lot. It was kind of cool... a button about waist high that puts water into a bowl about six inches off the ground.

We drove over to 2nd Street and found a burger joint with tables outside. Mabel got her own patty

Which you fed me way too slow!

It was a great Day-cation. Nothing like sea air to clear the cobwebs.

Mom, Can we go to the beach?

Yes, we'll go back.


I've created a monster!

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Anonymous said...

aww! It sounds like a fun time, you should go more often. Doesn't the salt water hurt their eyes and get in their ears? I'd worry about that, but you know I worry about everything.