Monday, May 18, 2009

The Princess Is Picky!

Note to Snowbrush - I tried to comment on your blog and got a bounce. You may want to check your email prefs...


This morning, I finished my left over avocado omelette from our Sunday breakfast out at our favorite dog-friendly dive. As usual, I had a few bites left over and placed the plate on the floor for the Ruler of My Roost. She devoured the eggs.

I got another plate for my left over pancakes, heated them and enjoyed, saving some bites for the girl. Only this time, I placed the plate on top of the first plate. Princess Mabel just about had a fit as she licked the bits of pancake and syrup because the two plates stacked together made a noise!!!

She sat there and stared at me until I separated them. Good thing I'm so easily trained!


Anonymous said...

How could you forget this?? It's the first rule of dog dining-nothing must make a noise or a rattle, it's too distracting. Tsk.

You getting the shake, rattle and roll?

Snowbrush said...

What's a girl without opposable thumbs to do but to ask for help?