Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Mabel Lou:
Mabel's paw is much better... thanks to those who emailed an interest. We made it five whole days with her bandage. After being housebound for days by rain, we dashed to the creek when the sun came out briefly on Friday around 2. Every creekhiker in these parts did the same. The creek was flooded so I steered Princess Wigglebutt away from the water. But that didn't help. We got so much rain, the gravel was soggy! And then Miss M waded into a puddle.

Back home, I knew she couldn't stay in the bandage. She put up some fuss when I removed it- frequently placing her head between mine and her foot. At one point she pushed me away with her good paw and ripped at the cotton underlining. Deciding all that tugging wasn't getting her anywhere, she gave me the paw again. It's healing nicely and we've started getting her all caught up on shots.

Palm Trees / Laguna Beach. Copyright 2009 Holly Dare.
Superbowl Sunday, I spent the day in Laguna Beach with two artist friends. They painted; I strolled and took a ton of photos. That place is so magical...it just soothes my soul. No color correction on this palm tree photo whatsoever... the sky really is that blue!

My jeep, a/k/a Bessie, is still in the shop. I've gone through three batteries in a year and a half and they are trying to figure out why. I've been without a car so long, I'm starting to feel like Mabel did the summer Bessie was sick for seven days. When I pulled into the driveway with her, Mabel excitedly ran to greet me Bessie. She actually kissed the car!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Mabel is better and is actually letting you tend her bandage!

That's a great photo, did you lay on the ground to take it?

here's hoping Bessie recovers so Mabel (and you) can ride again!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...


Yes, Mabel is back to Hell on Paws!

Bessie is home but I think she's still sick!

re: photo - I actually hugged the tree. We're engaged!