Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Off Her Game

Mabel and I made our first trek to the creek in six whole days! We were near the golf course, spying for ground squirrels when Mabel suddenly looked over her shoulder at the hill near the course and in a split second, decided to give chase.

Mabel can cover about 30 yards in three seconds flat, but today as she bolted, she overlooked the chain link fence between her and the object of her desire! She didn't even make a face as she slammed her head into it. She simply backed up, ducked under the fence and took off again.

I'm certain this pup who is so consummately aware of the landscape of our creek is simply off her game from being away for the week. Hopefully, we'll both be back in the swing shortly.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Mabel. She forgot to watch where she's going. Too bad you didn't get a video of it. (don't tell her I said that!)

Linda@VS said...

It's too bad Mabel didn't catch the squirrel. It might have made up for the stiff, sore neck she probably had later in the day.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, It was quite laughable!

Velvet, I think it hurt me more than her...she's a weirdo with things that I think should hurt her and then a drama queen with something minor!