Sunday, June 15, 2008

Interesting Google Search

I frequently check what people are googling to come into my various websites. Of special interest to me is my bead site, mainly because, in true Creekhiker form, I named it on a whim. No research, no forethought. Holly's Folly - because glass is certainly a folly for me.

As it turns out, Holly Folly is a gay holiday festival. Uh that would not be gay as in just plain old fun. You can see where people searching for the well-established festival might be a tad disappointed stumbling into my humble little jewelry site.

But tonight I noticed what someone had googled which had led them to these beads in particular:

"A Box of Chocolates" ~Beads by Holly Dare

The person in England had searched for "non-fattening chocolate". And found glass!

Oh Sweetie! I do apologize! And if you ever find it and it tastes good, please let me know!


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Anonymous said...

I guess you can't stick a thumb into the bottom of one of those to see what's inside. ;-) That's fantastic, Holly-I'd never have thought of making beads that look like chocolates!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, The funny part is I named each and every piece, so while I can't stick a thumb in there, I "know" what they are! LOL!

One of the reason's I started making beads was I had a built in audience at the food shows I do for cookies and cakes. But I couldn't get the beadmaker I was using to make white wedding cakes without green leaves. Cake decorators wouldn't dream of putting green leaves on a wedding cake... two art mediums clashing for sure. So I wanted to learn to make wedding cakes. And wouldn't you know, it's the bead I HATE making the most!