Monday, June 23, 2008

I Guess the Gas Prices Are Getting To Me...

...because tonight, as I was backing out of the driveway to meet our hiking pack at the creek, I heard that annoying beep. The one that tells me the little gas light is on...meaning I need to buy some gas pretty soon.

Completely unselfconsciously, I realize I was flipping off my car! Yes, I gave her the middle finger salute as if to say, "HOW could you be out of gas, again?!!!???"

Like it's her fault instead of the one who drives her. Maybe it was the car who drove all the way to LAX yesterday on a whim because her childhood friends had a long layover. And she just had to drive them on down to Redondo Beach because the guy was born there but moved to Mississippi when he was six months old and she thought it would be neat for him to see his birthplace. Yeah, she deserves the bird for all that.


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Becky said...

Gas is pushing $2.00 a liter here. Yikes! Curt only uses the car to drive to and from work. We use the bus and subway for everything else.

Linda@VS said...

This is SO funny, and when you read the post I just wrote, you'll see why I feel nothing short of relief to read about you flipping off your car. Thank God, I am NOT alone!

Anonymous said...

But it was worth it, huh?

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Becky, My Greek and Hungarian friends are sort of laughing at us spoiled Americans now as they've all been paying $2 / liter for years! (That's $8 per gallon folks!)

Velvet, Your story was hilarious!

Janet, Yes, of course. I just have so little coming in and my savings is dwindling and I'm getting NO calls on all the resumes I send I'm a bit stressed to say the least!