Sunday, March 04, 2007

Just Poppin' In

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The other morning, I got out of my jeep, loosed Mabel and started my daily hike into the creek. I had made it a few steps when I heard a high pitched female voice say, "Hiiii-eye!"

I turned, expecting to see one of the elderly widows that live on the street where I park. I looked as far as I could see down both streets. There was no one there. Thinking I was hearing things, I continued to my favorite stretching rock where I work the kinks out of my calves before our walk. I heard it again.

"Hiii -eye!"

I one was there.

I stretched and there it was again. Now, I'm thinking someone has fallen and can't get up. I dash back toward the street, looking high and low for whoever was yelling that greeting. Again, no one could be seen.

I was starting to think I was loosing my mind when I became aware of some crows frolicking in the vacant lot. I was puzzled...could this be my morning greeter???

I walked closer, listening to their squawking. Sure enough, there was one lone crow who sounded drastically different from the others. Instead of "Caw, caw, caw," she most definitely was saying, "Hiii-eye!"

And since my sister is in town from Baton Rouge celebrating "birthday week" with me, I've been a bit negligent of my blog here. So I thought I would take the time to pop in and quoth to crow to all my friends in bloggerville: Hiii-eye!


Linda@VS said...

Maybe this was a foreign crow. (An illegal alien perhaps?) Or maybe it was a highly educated crow and had an exceptionally large vocabulary. I'm sure that if we brainstormed a little bit, we could determine the "caws" of the "Hiii-eye!"

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, You have me rolling on the floor laughing. You have such a great sense of humor!