Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Am I the Only One?

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Am I the only one out there with a spoiled brat of a dog???

I took the little princess on a two hour hike this morning to this rock slide area where the water music is wonderful and there are deeper pools for her to chase sticks. It wasn't totally for her. For the first time in a terribly long time, I have money in the bank and time to avoid necessary chores.

Sure, I need to work the new stamp line into mine. I need to make some inventory for jewelry sales. I need to prep for my classes. But all of that, including the hike is to avoid what I truly need to do: prepare my taxes. UGH!

I'm great at keeping track of incoming money and OK at paying my bills... I just don't log those bills into the computer and, come tax time, it appears I had all income and NO expenses. Yeah, right.

And since this is a chore I despise and since I have a little money saved, I'm in no particular hurry to get back in the shop. And I just keep procrastinating the taxes. (They really should pay us for the time it sucks from our lives!)

So we returned from our hike, got baths and ate lunch. I headed for the computer and decided I was tired. I went into the bedroom and guess who is taking up the whole bed? Yep, Miss Mabel.

I lay with my legs on top of her, hoping she would get the hint. She didn't. I fussed at her. No movement. Finally, I moved the blankets. She moved over a whopping 12 inches.

I snoozed for a bit and got tired of not being able to stretch out so I retreated to the sofa. I was there all of five minutes when Miss Mabel decided to go outside for a sunbathing session. About 15 minutes later, she was at the end of the couch making goo-goo eyes at me. She never takes "no" for an answer. She will just keep trying. So of course, I let her up.

But, I didn't move over (very much).


Anonymous said...

Definitely not the only spoiled brat of a dog and definitely not the only person with serious income tax avoidance! Carmon

Anonymous said...

LOL - that's one spoiled dog! Glad you are able to have some 'down' time to enjoy. You'll stock up on fun and energy, and fly through those taxes!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Carmon, Yes, I imagine your babies are a tad spoiled.

Jackie, she can be a pain. AFter a day of "rest", I worked all day yesterday but today... I can't touch the stuff again... Maybe, it's Spring fever.

Linda@VS said...

I bet Mabel knows she's got a good thing going! Good luck with the taxes.