Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Freaky Tuesday

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Just when you think a day can't get any weirder...

I have carpenter's removing some dead wood trim and putting up vinyl siding on a small section of the house. So they're banging and knocking and Mabel is barking.

Then I keep getting emails from someone in Belize who just has to have a cookie kit. I'm already suspicious as Belize is a well-known scam place. This person is emailing me every 5 minutes... "I work in a bank... Can't you let me call in a cc#... why do you insist on pay pal???" I finally just tell them, no, I won't ship there but thanks anyway.

Next, my godson shows up to work in the shop for the first time in ages. Mabel goes berserk upon seeing him. Luckily, the boy got her outside before she could pee inside. I get him all set up cutting rubber and his cousin Athena, my regular worker, shows up.

Mabel is now double (triple?) crazy. Just as Athena bends over, Mabel jumps and clocks her in the nose! Blood, screaming and crying ensues. I take her into the bathroom and hand her tissues and get blood all over me in the process, run Mabel outside, wash up and take Athena an icepack. I called my best friend B, Athena's aunt, who comes over to help. The boy runs in to see what the commotion is and makes things worse, "Your nose is huge." "You have two black eyes."

We put Athena in my bed, send the boy back to the shop and with things settling down, I try to process some orders. I'm on the computer and notice it's getting dark but it's still very early afternoon. I run outside. The temperature has dropped 20 degrees in the last hour and ... we're having a freak SNOW STORM!!!! (Yes, this is Los Angeles!) I thought I was imagining it but you could hear the little kids across the street at the elementary school screaming, "It's snowing! It's SNOWING!"

The white dots in this photo are actually snow... sorry so grainy!

So now the workers need to leave only my house now has no fascia board. They tack up a temporary cover to keep the moisture out and split.

Athena is now in a panic cause all the tissues she's flushed are overflowing in the bathroom. I unclog the toilet and the boy runs in to tell me my window screens ( removed by the workers) are blowing down the street cause we're having 60 mile an hour gusts of wind.

And as I'm trying to tell you guys about it, the power goes out... The winds, again.

I'm exhausted, have a headache (from the winds) and ready for bed and it's only 5:30! Hope your day was peachy.


Linda@VS said...

Omigod, Holly! I'd sympathize with you (after my laughter subsides enough that my sides stop hurting), but you just may have had the most blogworthy day in the entire history of Blogdom. Hahahahahaha! Oops! Sorry.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, it just goes to show you to be careful what you pray for... I was fretting over having nothing to write about on my hike this morning...

Anonymous said...

That was an action-packed day for sure! It made me tired reading it!