Saturday, November 11, 2006

One Good Turn

I was reading Sunflower Optimism's post about making a difference in the world by starting with those around you which made me think of this story.

A few years ago, I was walking my dog Maggie. We were new to this neighborhood. I had found a few streets I liked to walk (this was before I discovered my creek.) but Maggie, as always, had her own opinion. She preferred to hike up the street and down this tiny road full of snarling big dogs.

I just don't like to work that hard walking the dog. My daily walks are a spiritual time for me. I get lost in my thoughts and yes, I talk to God.

This particular day was no different. Maggie had won that morning's "argument" and we had made it down the tiny road with very little fuss. Knowing that the rest of the walk would be easy, I was praying.

I asked God for the opportunity to help someone that day. As fast as I said that prayer, whizzing around the corner comes this car making a horrible racket. It was being driven by a very small, older woman with a look of sheer terror on her face.

I knew immediately that she had no idea what was wrong with her car...but I did!

As she drove toward us, it was very plain to see...she had a paint bucket stuck under her car. And the metal on concrete was making a horrendous noise.

I held my hand up for her to stop. She rolled down her window, talking a mile a minute. I asked her to put it in park, tied Mags to a fence and crawled under the car and removed the can. This lady was SO grateful.

And that has to be the fastest one of my prayers was ever answered!

So-- we all have opportunities every day to make a tiny difference to someone... It may be a tiny thing to us but it might mean the world to someone else.


Linda@VS said...

Wow, you must have God on speed dial to get your prayers answered that fast! What a nice story.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Velvet, Sometimes I SWEAR I do have Him on Speed dial. I've had several prayers answered in very swift fashion... Maybe I'll post that next week.

Sunflower Optimism said...

Yes, please do, Creekhiker! Thanks for the visit and I'm glad I accomplished what I set out to do - give everyone a nudge, make everyone aware and open to the possibility of "One Good Turn."

Funny, I got into blogging because of that same beadmaker! I enjoyed reading Velvet's blog after Kim mentioned it and lurked until the day I just HAD to make a comment - which meant I had to register. It still took me awhile to write, myself, but I finally did on September.

I read all your posts and enjoy your blog!

ocmist said...

Now I see (since I read your other post first) what you were talking about others often being angels to us. I really do believe that, in a way, it is truth. An angel was a messenger of God sent to minister to His people, and we can all definitely be that at times. I also am glad that there are his mighty created angels that watch over those that follow Him as well! Blessings to you for sharing and reminding us of God's love for each of us! Grammy from Corgi Country