Thursday, November 09, 2006

Do you drive like you love Jesus?

Driving to get on the freeway to go visit my friend, a black truck cut me off, but this is everyday occurrence.

He throws garbage out of his truck on the on ramp and guns it.

Once on the 210, I survey my surroundings: my lane has a slow truck edging up the mountain as does one lane over... where my friend in black truck is. Lane #3 has a horse trailer coming up fast. I take my foot off my accelerator because it's painfully obvious that I'm going no where fast.

To my surprise, the black truck cuts off the horse trailer. Maybe I'm overly sensitive. It's true, I'm an animal lover but I'm always aware that a horse trailer most likely contains a very large passenger that doesn't like getting tossed about.

I eventually pass the trailer in the far left lane and manage to pass the black truck....he's moving like molasses and is not on the cell phone (the likely cause of fast - slow - oh so fast driving on an LA freeway).

He suddenly speeds up and jumps in front of me...and slows way down. I move and pass. He passes me and cuts off another driver. We do this dance several more times when I notice he's got a Jesus fish on his rear bumper.

And I wonder, is this the way you drive when you love Jesus???

I guess I just better keep driving like Jesus loves me!

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Velvet Sacks said...

That kind of driving makes me crazy. Some people seem to wear the mantle of Christianity as if it were a Harry-Potter-style invisibility cloak. "I can call myself a Christian and no one will know what a real @#$%^^&* I am. Guess what, Bozo, we can SEE you!