Thursday, March 10, 2016

She Giveth; She Taketh Away

Those of you who follow us on Facebook or Instagram probably know that I started "bed training" Macy a few weeks ago.

#proof of the FOUR in a row bed #cuddles I've gotten #briberyworks @chewy #cookies #treats 💕💜💓💛 my silly #pup #dogs #macyblue

That came to a grinding halt when, the day before my birthday, I picked up norovirus at school. Eight days later and I'm still not right in the gut! We had done zero days of bed training from the 1st of the month. I had a relapse at work this past Tuesday...found out I had made myself sicker by taking Imodium.  I spent the afternoon really ill and was so relieved when it was over around 8pm. We turned in early and I was so grateful for the sleep. Hard, stupid sleep. 

Suddenly my bed was moving! Living in earthquake country, I always try to steal a glance at the clock just to get a sense of time before we lose power. It was 10:54 and that was no earthquake! It was Macy Blue! Getting on my bed with NO cookies in sight! In the middle of the night!!!!!! 

I petted her a bit but was so exhausted... we both slept til 7:30 am! I was over joyed that she was still by my side come morning and we cuddled and lingered until I heard her tummy growling! 

I couldn't wait to call Mom and tell her I was certain we'd turned a corner. 

Cut to...

Wednesday afternoon, a sunny bedroom just down the hall. 

Since Macy Blue was so sweet to sleep all night with me, it clearly must be time to continue her training. Instead of putting nap treats in her bed, I placed them in her "bed lure" spots:  One on top of the stairs, one on the foot of the bed and three in her "spot." 

She gobbled them up, sniffed for more and... jumped down and curled up in her bed!

Sigh... Three steps forward... five steps back.


Millie and Walter said...

She will probably realize eventually that the big bed is the best one to sleep in. Some of our dogs never spent the entire night with us because they would get too warm and rather sleep in their own bed. Millie & Walter never leave the bed. They often switch position or even move to different places on the bed but they are on it from start to finish. I'm glad we have a king size.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We never let the Sibes sleep in our bedroom. ONe time when my husband was away on an extended business trip, I let Dakota and Phantom come upstairs with me. They were both thrilled to be upstairs and even snuggled on the bed. After a short bit of sleep, i woke up to discover they had disappeared. I found them each asleep in the crates on the first floor in the kitchen:) Pups can be so unpredictable.

Sonja McClung said...

Ella spends about half her time in the bed with us, far more in the winter than in the summer. But she might start in bed, get down in the middle of the night and then get back up when one of us gets up to snuggle with whomever is left. Or she might start on the floor and halfway through the night get up on the bed. Just depends on how she feels I guess lol.

KB Bear said...

I think it's actually 5 steps forward and maybe 1 back. Our pups love sleeping in our bed... most of the time but not all of the time. For a nap, they often won't. If it's a warm summer night, sometimes they choose their own beds. But, the majority of the time they sleep in our bed. So, I wouldn't take that one nap as such a step back. You've come so far!!!

I hope that you're feeling better. Noravirus is awful.

K9friend said...

Awww, I'll bet she knew you needed her nearby when you were sick.

Critter Alley

rottrover said...

MB!! Dude! The big bed is THE PLACE TO SLEEP!! Lots of dogs don't get to. but on a cold night, like last night? It's da bomb!! I took turns snuggeling with the parents!!