Friday, July 24, 2015

Macy the Blue

I promised myself that before I put up one more review, I would do the Macy update that... has been in my head for months - and months.  It's so hard to get enthused about this blog... Mabel was so damn colorful and something happened almost every single day. She was an entertainment riot! not. She's barely a dog!

Most of the time I don't even know she's there. She doesn't complain. Unless I'm in the kitchen, she's often not in the same room with me. (Funny, she just slipped into the office...) Her affections are few and far between...making me relish each and every one.

Macy the Badass

Macy got skunked back in March. While the chunk of flesh missing from her nose is obvious in this photo, the other damage is not.

There was a long streak cut across the other side of her nose and under her chin. And the primary smell zone (if you can call it that when you take a direct hit) was on the left side of her neck.  I'm pretty certain this means Miss Blue picked that skunk up! I thought Mabel Lou was badass... but Miss Macy has her beat....

Add in the time I rounded a bend on a mountain trail and found her PLAYING with a giant rattler! Yes, I marched her behind back for round two of rattlesnake training. Badass. Dumbass...I'm still not certain what I'm dealing with here.

Just 'cause I Let You Stand on My Tail...

Macy is constantly described as "stoic." Her vet, the rattlesnake trainers, friends, strangers use this term. Macy does not register emotion the way my previous dogs have. She limps with such a bob and weave that everyone who sees her will ask me what I'm doing hiking her. Yet on the mountain, she races with barely a limp! And she begs to go. It's the only time of day she gets excited. She doesn't get this excited over FOOD!

I knew when I picked Macy that I would have a problem with the height differential between the oh-so-super-model-tall Mabel and less than 1/2 her size Macy. I've nearly gone arse over teacups several times. But twice recently, I thought I was standing on the rubber mats in the shop only to find I was standing on Macy! Her tail once and her paw another time!

Neither time she made no effort to move, cry out or even let me know I was hurting her! Each time, as I realized it, I looked at her to find her staring at me, wide-eyed...but nothing else!

Emotions Are Not Her Forte

 Often when I have Macy out in public, people will tell me she looks sad. While she does have a worried look on her face... and her crooked eyebrows and ginormous jowls add to the perceived sadness, to me she often registers no emotion at all. Except...

The Big Boom Booms!!

The 4th of July was interesting. Terrifying for MB and blissful for me! Last year, Macy had been here barely a month. So instead of going up the hill to hang in the RottRover's front yard with creek buddies, I stayed home and swam and watched the local fireworks from the pool. Macy seemed fine.

I have no recollection of New Year's except I had the Swine Flu... I'm certain I took copious drugs and went to bed.  But this 4th... I went up the mountain to visit friends. I left Macy with the doggy door access but in the house, windows closed, a/c on and televisions in several rooms tuned to an easy listening station.

I returned home to a terrified pup. Shaking, drooling... and oh-so-affectionate!  This is the first year since I've lived in this house that the fireworks didn't start mid June. I heard the first one around 4 pm on the 3rd! But they have continued off and on. And some part of me is grateful!

Not only does she seek me out for comfort, I get cuddles and kisses and she'll nibble and play growl during the quiet times! And...she even slept with me the night of the 4th! ALL NIGHT LONG!  Happy mommy!

Play School

I read an article in Bark magazine about how beneficial play is to the relationship of dog / human (bonding/ sense of fairness / trust / shared joy) . Great. Whaddaydo when the dog doesn't know HOW to play?  Well, I'm a teacher and I'm not about allow lack of understanding in a subject stand in the way.

So, I've been giving Macy play lessons almost daily. I pick up one of her toys and race outside with it. I toss it in the air and catch it and run some more.  I roll in the grass. I pick it up and run in the house and repeat inside. And she's slowly joining me. There are days she clearly wants her toy all to herself. And I give her that. But there are days, she wants to engage me. She picked up her toy, glanced at me out of the corner of her eye and darted outside. I followed. We played.

And...the first few days we played... I got unsolicited cuddles on the sofa! Even better, it seems to carry over to how she interacts with the other dogs in the pack... Look at her chasing Wizard up there! She often got the toy that day!!

The Dog I Need

It's said you don't get the dog you want. You get the one you need. I've avoided most human relationships because I'm certain I'll be unappreciated at best and mistreated at worst. Macy seems to feel the same way about humans and not much better about most dogs. It's been thrilling to watch her choose to interact with dogs hiking or at the dog park. Recently, a stranger offered to pet her and she walked to her and stood there, getting pets and love! I just about cried!

I hear myself telling Macy, "Love doesn't have to hurt! There is someone who sees how wonderful and special you are!" And I hope it's sinking in for both of us!


The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

It's wonderful to hear all the steps that Macy Blue is taking in the right direction!!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

Unknown said...

Excellent blog Holly. I love your stories about you and your adventures with Macy and her friends. You are a great writer! I can't pay attention long enough to read anything longer than a paragraph but your blogs keep me lingering on every word to the very end!! 👍☺☺

Unknown said...

Excellent blog Holly. I love your stories about you and your adventures with Macy and her friends. You are a great writer! I can't pay attention long enough to read anything longer than a paragraph but your blogs keep me lingering on every word to the very end!! 👍☺☺

easyweimaraner said...

I'm sure once you will be THE TEAM, maybe it just needs a little bit more time. You plaed with a rattler? OMD please be careful Macy...better play with a pillow :o) ...are you sure that we get the dog we need? ... just asking while I collect the pillow confetti from the floor LOL
easy rider

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

There will never be another dog for you like Mabel, but we think she played a role in sending you Macey Blue -Macey Blue needs you to show her that life with a human CAN be happy and wonderful You sure are making great strides in that endeavor. What a beautiful post!!!

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

I am so glad you are both finally getting into your grove!

Pat Wahler said...

That is so lovely. Macy has come a long way. She is truly a special girl.

Critter Alley

betsymn said...

I'm happy for you, Holly. You've given Macy a wonderful home, and she's giving you her trust.

Snowbrush said...

This is a wonderful post.

As for people saying she looks sad, she probably had BRF, which plastic surgeons (ha) say is a “real phenomena,” so maybe she needs she’s a tuck here and there to look like what a sexist society expects.