Monday, September 10, 2012

These Kids Today Don't Know What They're Missing

This is the breakfast of my childhood (and frequently my adulthood). Pop-Tart - PLAIN please...none of that nasty royal icing that Kelloggs insists on putting on every freaking flavor! When I was a kid, the icky frosting was but a novelty, only on certain flavors. But now, in our overfed, overly sweetened America, you are lucky if you can find the strawberry unfrosted.... Although their website claims they still make the blueberry and cinnamon brown sugar unfrosted.

As a kid, there was also cherry and raspberry...

I loved these, much to the delight of my married, not-such-a-great-cook sister. Once when discussing what week all the kids-in-law could visit (my brother-in-law has younger brothers in my age range), my sister made her case for having me a week longer, "As long as there are Pop-Tarts in the house, Holly is happy. With the boys, I have to cook!"

And while my flavor choices have decreased over time, I still love them the same way: hot from the toaster with a pat of butter melting into all the little holes! HEAVEN!

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Priscilla said...

Don't think I have ever tasted this but it definitely looks very yummy!