Friday, October 29, 2010

Staycation Travelogue 10/28/10

We hit Laguna Beach for shopping and lunch and a little ocean-side skygazing.

On the way home, we found ourselves not so happily stuck in traffic on the 5. After an hour, we stopped and decided to explore Downtown Disney. Other than a lame design for handicapped parking... why do they always ASSuME that handicapped people are mobile by wheelchairs? In reality, most handicapped just require closer parking. Downtown Disney gets an F on that design... but the rest was SO inspirational. Everywhere you looked was something interesting and my head was flooded with bead ideas!

Every fountain resembled giant flowers. The wrought iron was glorious! But these candied apples really caught my eye!


the booker man said...

okay, it's the pooches' mama here --
those candied apples are just perfect! the wizard mickey is my favorite. considering they were being sold on disney grounds, let me guess -- $10 for one? haha.
enjoy your staycation! is your sister visiting or does she live nearby?

Levi Mac said...

Those candy apples look nummy!! What a cool treat :)