Saturday, September 11, 2010

ONLY in L.A. - The Catering Truck

I had a quintessential L.A. moment waiting in line to buy some water from one of those uber-trendy catering trucks that pepper our streets.

Man in Line: Didn't I see you on one of those food network shows?

Catering Truck Guy: Me? No. I won't do one of those.

MIL: Why not? It's great publicity.

CTG: Oh, you know... those shows never give you final cut approval!

I had to put my water down and walk away to keep from laughing. In all my days in Hollyweird, I can count the number of DIRECTORS who get final cut on one hand... and catering truck wants final cut! Oh. My. Gawd!

1 comment:

Dexter said...

What a strange world, eh? Poor directors always getting chopped up. Hey, regarding the truck guy, can't help but admire his integrity, right?