Sunday, March 21, 2010


Saturday at the creek, we ran into Maxi, Mabel Lou's beloved. During some rough-housing, she managed to come away with her right side thoroughly breaded with sand.

We hiked further upstream and as Mabel gleefully passed back and forth in front of me, biting at the fast moving water, I would scoop water and toss it on her right side to try and wash some of the sand off. Each time I did this, she would give me "the look."

After five passes, me dousing her each time, she circled behind me out of the water. She drew close... I thought she wanted a pet. No. She shook and shook, spraying me with cool creek water and soaking my shorts!

And so, there are lessons to be learned. Turnabout is clearly fair play to Mabel and...I need to watch my back!


Anonymous said...

Hello Holly,

You day sounds like fun with a bit of relaxing in the water. I would have love to spend a day like that with a nice companion. :-)

Also, I hope the spider bite ins'nt as painful anymore. I haven't experienced being bitten by one and no matter how small it looks like - - it still looks really painful :-(


rottrover said...

and your sides, and your front...she is a clever girl!!