Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mabel at the Lazy Dog Cafe

I got to meet an online lampwork buddy in person this weekend. Janel Dudley was in town and we got to spend two days tooling around LA and talking glass and cameras and such.

Yesterday, she asked me to bring Mabel along. I think she was intimidated a bit by how large Mabel is. Janel says Mabel looks much smaller online. For the record, Mabel is 95lbs and tall like a greyhound.
Happy Mabel!

We ended up at the Lazy Dog Cafe which has a huge, dog-friendly patio and even a doggie menu! The staff not only treated Miss M like the Belle of the Ball, they filled her bowl with water several times and petted her frequently!
Mabel & her water bowl

These photos were all taken there.

Mabel got a hot dog. It came in a little styrofoam bowl, all diced up! I tasted it and... it was so good! I would order a hot dog there! In true Mabel Lou style, she backed out this next photo before it was taken...but I think her tongue says it all!


JanelDudleyBeads said...

I got the biggest smile on my face right now! Mabel is such a sweetheart, and even though she's camera shy she's very photogenic!

I had so much fun spending time with you ladies!

Love those pictures!!

CreekHiker said...

Janel, it was such a pleasure! Thank you so much for lunch. Mabel and I both had the best time. She's one tuckered out pup today though! LOL!

Twinkietinydog said...

Wow, Mabel, you were treated like the princess you are. I didn't know about Lazy Dog Cafe. Thanks for sharing that information and the link.

rottrover said...

I LOVE that shot! Thanks, Holly.

Anonymous said...

cute! and great shot with the tongue!