Monday, February 22, 2010

Seven - It Was a Very Good Year!

Somebody is eight tomorrow. I thought it would be fun to look back at Mabel's number seven.

She was a bit grumpy in March... or sleepy.
A bit pensive out for a cup of cream with furiends in April.

May brought her first trip to the ocean. Pure joy!

The beginning of summer brought on lots of "bone parties" with her Rhodesian furiends.

July's Ice Cream O.D.

Learning self-discipline in August.

September brought fun adventures in the little blue shoe car...NOT!

October - GRANNY came for a visit!!! (And lots of snacks!)

More coffee cream with furiends in November's cooler weather.

Hiking with one of our rottie boy twins in December.

Playing lumberjack on New Year's Day.

Checking out the flood damage in February. (Oro Vista Avenue toward Riverwood Ranch.)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!! I hope this next year brings as many special times as lucky number seven did!


Maybeads said...

So cute! I love the ice cream O.D. pic - I can relate. Great pictures, Holly!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mabel! Hope you get to go to the ocean again soon!

passport in my pocket said...

aww, Happy Birthday, Mabel!

Moose turns seven in May! :) Too bad they can't have a play date.

Words Between the Spaces said...

Happy birthday, Mabel. You look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Spot wants to know what Mabel got for her birthday!

CreekHiker said...

Everyone - Thank for the kind wishes!

Janet, Mabel got taken out for pancakes and bacon, followed by a hike in the Arroyos, followed by a long nap. She got nice juicy bone after dinner.

Anonymous said...

I'll just tell Spot that Mabel got a stuffed toy. I don't want him to expect too much on his next birthday! ;-)

rottrover said...

Happy Birthday Mabel Lou!
xo, Bart and Gizmo

Velvet Sacks said...

I missed Mabel's birthday! Judging from your comment above, it must have been a good one -- just what she deserves.

Happy belated birthday, Mabel!

PEA said...

Just wanted to let you know that I received your glass bead heart necklace today and I absolutely love it! I will wear it proudly!! Thank you so very much:-) xo