Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Smells Like...

Why is it that the women who wear the cheapest perfume - the crap that brings on an allergic sneeze fit - seem to wear MORE of it?

I entered our local post office today after one such woman... she was long gone but her stench lingered so strong, my eyes teared up and I could barely speak.

I seem to encounter these women or their left over essence more and more but what can one really do??

Well, I did get to tell one such woman about her odoriferous choice once.

When I was in a wheelchair, I would board airplanes first. I was flying seat assignments... and took a front seat beside the window on the left side of the plane. There's a ledge there on many planes and I could ride with my foot raised and prevent a little swelling.

As the regular passengers started to board a nice, older gentleman inquired about the seats next to me. I told him they were vacant. He motioned to someone I couldn't see and suddenly I found myself seated next to his "twinkie"... a much younger, much too blond woman.

As soon as she sat down, my eyes filled and I started sneezing over and over and over. I finally got out that I was allergic to her perfume and that she needed to move. NOW! She was somewhat embarrassed and leaned closer (!!) to apologize and through my sneezing I managed to snipe, "Have him buy you some good stuff, honey. People aren't allergic to better perfumes!"


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Anonymous said...

I don't know why people wear strong scents when they're going to be in close proximity to other people. Like the "smelly usher" at my church, when he walks by, his scent lingers behind him. I'd hate to have to sit next to him, especially in a car.

Mom thinks that women who wear a lot of heavy perfume are trying to cover up another smell, like maybe a colostomy bag. She knew a woman who had one who would wear perfume to mask any odors, but I think that they do a better job with colostomies now.

Every time someone complains about too much scent, I remember a magazine article I read a long time ago that talked about favorite perfumes, and the article said that you should "layer" the scent-use the bath oil, the body lotion, and finish with the powder and the perfume-having applied a little Vaseline first to help hold the scent longer. I couldn't believe it, if you did that you'd clear a room before you walked into it.

Maybe it's me, but I find the most interesting perfumes are when the wearer uses it subtly, so that you're smelling something good but aren't sure what it is or who's wearing it, and are intrigued-I think that's what perfume makers are aiming for-that intrigue. Unfortunately, some people seem to think that taking a bath in it proclaims that they are the ones wearing it, and if it's expensive that they can afford to drench themselves with it. And I've found that even the most expensive perfumes can be offensive if enough is worn.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Janet, Magazines... those are a stinky proposition these days! I sit down and tear out every perfume sample and walk them outside to the trash bin before I read the mag!

Anonymous said...

Back in my corporate days, I used to have to sit in on strategy meetings with the 'high ups' of Chevron International (I was their private graphic designer who figured out how to present to the public what they wanted them to know). Let me tell you, closed up in a conference room with a bunch of over cologned men isn't any fun either! Carmon

Linda@VS said...

I can't stay in the room with someone who's heavily perfumed, and when I go to a department store, I have to hold my breath as I pass through the perfume and cosmetics counters. I wonder if anyone has ever investigated the impact these manufactured scents have on our air quality.