Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Eyes on the Ball

Mabel Lou here. I managed to talk my mom into shooting a few videos of my techniques for enjoying a good game of fetch the ball.

Rule one, Keep your eye on the ball:

Rule two, Find a fairly capable sucker human to throw the ball for you:

Audio dialog of note:
0:14 - Gotta wait!
0:21 - Aw, Mamma throws like a girl!
0:32 - And we do it again!
0:35 - Ya gotta bring it.

Rule three, Keep good traction on the ball. This is done by kneading the ball in the sand, like bread dough. (Please note, it helps if the dork human shooting the video realizes that videos cannot be shot on the vertical!) Please, tilt your head to the right.

Rule four, It's important to know when to quit. You should always be able to communicate this to your human.

Audio dialog of note:
0:06 - You better bring my ball! {ED - HER ball???}
0:12 - Mabelooo!
0:17 - And that means the game is OVER!

See how quick she learns????


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Anonymous said...

did my comment get to you? when I clicked Publish, the window went blank and it said "done".

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Hey Janet, This is the only one I got on this post. Ya gotta love blogger and those comments that disappear into the ether...

Linda@VS said...

Mabel, thank you for the fetch lessons. I'd love to play with you one day.

Anonymous said...

I did wonder why Mabel rolled her ball in the sand, and now I know it was for traction. How considerate of her-the ball could have slipped out of your hand!

(I hope this comment gets through..)