Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Staying Busy

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Sorry I've been so quiet. I've had my godson and his friends helping me out in the shop and around the house - organizing stuff, trimming hedges and other yard work I can't handle on my own.

In addition, the long overdue website overhaul is getting underway along with the launch of a new website. If those two projects weren't monumental enough, I had another site go down this week. It was the Museum of Modern Rubber line that I license and their former host (rhymes with Betwork Molutions) is notorious for ramming it to their customers... they want A LOT of money to get everything back up and running. So, I just bought a similar name and created a NEW Modern Rubber website . It's VERY basic but will do the job for now...

The hole in my bedroom wall has also become quite the project. Patching and sanding and now painting. Lowe's mixed the wrong color and I tried and tried mixing my own last night to no avail. After hours of painting yet another wrong color, I gave up and called Hank & Sue's mom. She's a scenic painter on lots of tv shows. She brought primer and a gorgeous color of paint called Ruby Gold, which is also one of the prettiest colors of glass! I got the primer up this morning and she is bringing me the right wall color tonight... but what to do with that fabulous Ruby Gold??? I'm digging through my rubber stamps for a fleur-de-lis...

I bought a plane ticket to Baton Rouge for early November. My big sis will be celebrating her 65th while I'm home. Actually, I promised her a trip home for the occasion in hopes it will get me a good excuse not to be there in December. I really want a quiet, happy Christmas for once. But it will be good to get to see the cousins in Walker & Gonzales as well. It's been too long and these guys are like other siblings to me.

My feet are better every day. I hope everyone is having a good week!


Annie said...

All that decorating and fixing up is hard on feet. Yours must really be better!

It's good to find a color that you really love to live with. And that's harder than one thinks, since the little swatches never paint up like you think they will.

Do tuberoses grow in California where you are?

Yes, it's been a good week for me.

Anonymous said...

You must post a photo of the Ruby Gold wall, I'm having trouble picturing it.

Glad your feet are getting better!!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, My feet are always in some degree of pain. I try to ignore it unless it's really painful enough to make me lose my balance.

Yes, I LOVE colored walls. I like that my house SCREAMS "me" the minute you walk in the door. Creekhiker doesn't do neutral! But, I know I will have to paint it to drab, boring eggshell the minute I decide to move.

Janet, I'm still deciding if I have the nerve for Ruby Gold... it's probably a metallic magenta... Beautimous!!!

Anonymous said...

Holly, the new website is cute! Sounds like you are staying very busy. I'd go with the Ruby Gold - I love color.

And isn't it nice to have a trip to look forward to? That will be a good time for a break - before winter.

Glad the feet are better.

Linda@VS said...

Holly, any chance of before and after photos? I love to watch the home makeover shows on HGTV and TLC.

Glad to read that your feet are feeling better.