Thursday, July 12, 2007


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I was going to post something else today but had some news.

First, I can walk!!! Like magic, there was NO PAIN today! No cane, no walker...just me! Wow! And while I started to have doubts when Mabel took off on me in the middle of nowhere (punishment for no run yesterday), I managed just fine.

Second, the "job interview" was a request that I volunteer teach. I can't really afford to sit in traffic 6 hours a week and make no money. But, I did learn how to get into the already full glass blowing class... Yeah!

Yesterday was exhilarating and expensive, and painful as I still had to use the cane / walker. I stopped by Pacific Artglass yesterday only "needing" a few items. I had started some Halloween beads and found I had no orange. As soon as I got in the door, Karen and John both see me and exclaim, "The moretti is fully stocked!!!"

This only happens about twice a year... the chance to grab any color rod you want right off the shelf. I was a little overzealous and over spent... and wouldn't you know, the one color I was dying for (straw yellow), they didn't get in.

Then I went to the crochet class and remembered they teach glass bead making there. They had the color I was looking for...tons of it! So I had to pay retail but I'm all stocked up on glass and can play til my heart is content I run out again.

Finally, the bead crochet was so fun! I had tried to teach myself a dozen times and failed. But in class, I realized, it's really just have to make sure the cord is over the previous row's bead. It was really fun, once we all got a few rows and the project started to take shape. And the teacher is coming back for a free follow up class to help us finish off our projects in a few more weeks. Very nice.


Annie said...

What a happy day you had, Creekhiker. You positively glow through the screen.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you felt so good today!

Will you post photos of your bead crocheting in stages, or just the finished product? I'm curious!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Annie, Thank you!

Janet, Thought I would wait til I finished it. I hit a snag tonight when I realized I missed a bead when I was threading them so I have to stop, cut and do some more threading so I'm going to add more beads. The thing is now about 8". It goes pretty fast.