Sunday, November 29, 2015

November Bittids

I keep thinking I will get here for a proper update ... and then only feel terribly guilty that I don't. Life just seems to be throwing me one curve ball after another. Just this month alone has been a doozy and the whole year has been like that!

  • While I've passed two of the three teaching credential exams with flying colors, I keep delaying the math and science test...and if I continue to delay, it'll cost me another year in the sub pool. And yet I cannot find time to study...
  • Macy Blue had managed to learn what to do with toys. While I would like to take creidt for all my running around and tossing toys in the was Sue living here that really taught her about interacting with humans and playing with toys. I got a text one day at school... Macy was cleaning out the toy box! The day our pals left for Portland, we couldn't bear to watch them drive away, so we went to PetSmart for all new toys for the girl. 

  • For the first time all year, I had scheduled bookings in the larger school district. But two weeks ago,  I got a bad sore throat and while hiking that Sunday, I could barely move. I just felt weak. I drove to urgent care with Macy in the car. They took my temperature and it was 103! I usually get tingly lips with the slightest fever...but not that day. I was shocked! A trip to the drug store followed by hours of phone calls / faxes and emails to cover my jobs before I could take to my bed. 
  • Barely 24 hours later, still with a fever, I found out my mother was mugged at the casino. Before I could talk to her, I jumped online and started closing her accounts and phone and sending AAA her way. This led to days of work restoring her life to normal. The asshat takes a purse but nearly rendered her helpless... New drivers license... she is 92. New glasses, new credit cards... The thief took her only electronic key to her car... $80 bucks and a half hour digital programming. New phone. Those things have finally all been restored...but the confidence she lost is gone. 
  • And on the same day, I learned my long time tenant at my condo had lost her mother in England... and I have no rent coming in this month...when I've lost so much work already. 
  • A few nights before I got sick, I got to go and visit Dave. I was so upset at being sick as I knew I wouldn't get to see him again...and I didn't. While his death was expected, it has hurt so bad. He's my first adult friend I've lost. I've lost lots of family, but not a friend til now. It's just so terribly sad to lose someone I thought of as "young." 

  •  Thanksgiving was small and quiet. I spent too much time cooking food that came out awful... but got to visit with an old and dear friend on Friday. 
  • Saturday was a dog beach day. Macy just loves the ocean. I never see her smile the way she does at the beach. She often races to the water and dives in the breakwater. The full moon brought the highest tides I've ever seen. Luckily the girl used such good judgement and didn't go too deep while enjoying a romp with her boys! 
  • I'm prepping for my annual holiday trunk next weekend... making jewelry into the wee hours. 
  • My glass guild will have our annual holiday party next weekend and the following one brings two more events... making me more social than I've been in months. I don't do sockial well.
  • Mother is coming for Christmas in a few weeks.
  • My bestie's niece that we all helped raise is expecting her first child in March... a girl. I'm gonna be a Gramma! We are all over the moon! So many boys in the family. The niece is the only girl... and now a little girl to spoil!! 
Maybe you'll get why my head is spinning... 


K9friend said...

Oh my, you've really had a lot of rough times lately. I will keep you in my prayers.

Congrats on the wonderful news of the new baby. That is so exciting! My daughter is expecting in February and I am beyond thrilled.

Critter Alley

Mark Muller said...

I hope the bad things will stay away from you now and there are only news like the one of the baby what bring joy to you... Hugs to you and the furkid... it's great to see how much fun she has with toys now :o)

Sonja McClung said...

It brings tears to my eyes to see Macy Blue playing with toys. Sounds like you got all the crap done and over with and next year will be a fantastic year for you and Macy Blue! Cause I said so lol

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

So very sorry for all the downers - they sure do make life difficult. But we see some rays of happiness in there with Macy Blue and her toy playing, her fun at the beach, and the pending arrival of a seet baby girl. We hope the time has finally arrived for some good times for you..

Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Wow, that is a lot to deal with. I hope that December brings better news. Hugs.

KB Bear said...

I am glad to hear an update but I am so sorry that so many things have gone wrong recently. I hope that things look up.

I am glad that Macy is playing with toys!

Millie and Walter said...

You sure have had a heck of a time lately but not all of it was bad. It sure is nice to see Macy Blue playing with her toy and frolicking at the beach. Millie & Walter will keep their paws crossed that you have a better month for December.

betsymn said...

Sad for the bad things in life, but happy you have Macy Blue to help cheer you up.